So far TV and Radio allowed marketers to reach to large population and that’s why it was main mode of communication for brands with it’s consumers. A complete generation of Marketers used these mediums to push advertising messages to consumers and make customers hear what marketer wanted to tell. But it appears that now “Push Advertising” has come to a point where consumers has started rejecting tall claims made in the advertising by the brands.
But now everything is gradually even changing in India too with communications satellites and Internet. My Satellite TV Dish offers me uninterrupted viewing of programs on most of HD channels. If I miss any of favorite show on TV, I can still watch it on YouTube and there too I can skip ads. Now I don’t get bombarded with advertisements which are forced upon me and were used to make by TV viewing painful and channel surfing exercise in every commercial break. Technology has save me from view advertisement and money spent by brands on advertising is going waste.
Not only this, now Social Media has provided me opportunity to reach out to not only to draw immediate attention of the brand custodians but also to get a prompt solutions to my complaints where brand failed to live up to their product promise. Technology today also allows me to share my brand experience with larger consumer group – good, bad, ugly – whatever it is.Hear your customers
But today I see most of the Indian companies not equipped to handle this freedom which this age customer has got. Brands are still very nervous in handling consumer’s direct questions in social media space and mostly come up with standard and rehearsed answers which of course consumer understands and find unbelievable. I just hope brand custodians understand what damage it is causing to their brands and they swiftly prepare and get equip to use such consumer voices to convert into their advantages
Great brands has satisfied customers. And satisfied customers would talk about brand with friends and relatives. And no wonder though may not be always but “Word of Mouth” is always integral part of every  marketing strategy. Customers will talk about brands whether marketers like it or not.
I have noticed that if customers are happy with a brand they talk personally when they meet their friend and relatives. But when they are unhappy with any brand or when a brand fail fulfill product/ service promise, they first try reaching out brands by lodging a complain but when its not responded appropriately they immediate turn to Social Media. So this means when a customer is happy he/ she might try talk to fewer people but when one is frustrated or annoyed he immediately reach out to hundreds of friends using Facebook or h=thousands of people using Twitter. And this situation for any brand is bad.
Marketers it’s therefore important that you hear your customers/ consumers continuously in social space that what they are talking and respond to them in same forum immediately. In my experience as a Sales Person I have found most of the time our customer just want a patient hearing and amicable solution of their problem and not that they want to defame brand/ service. An immediate respond from brands will not add to credibility of the brand but also build trust among larger customer base and stronger brand.

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