Manage yourself better and be successful

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Manage yourself better and be successful: Recently I was talking to one of my friend who owns a midsize business. He is a first generation of entrepreneur, who after working for almost 15 years turned towards own business. And in last 10 years he has not only been able to earn good money but the best part is that he has established a sound reputation in the industry.

As we were talking,  I began staking my thoughts on what made him to be counted amongst successful people. I guess to be successful, it’s about managing our own performance. Being a good manager/ entrepreneur/ employee isn’t just about whether one can encourage/ manage other people to perform, it’s also about managing our own performance.

Here are 20 things which make people successful:

  1. Be punctual.
  2. Be flexible.
  3. Listen carefully and attentively.
  4. Accept responsibility.
  5. Don’t be afraid to say what you don’t know.
  6. Improve your skills. There is always room for improvement.
  7. Be open to constructive criticism, get regular feedback on yourself.
  8. Know your limitations and seek guidance when needed.
  9. Focus your energy on things that matter.
  10. Be on the lookout for new ideas.
  11. Respond to your correspondence within a reasonable amount of time.
  12. Plan more than you think you can do.
  13. Save costs where they matter the most. Spend company’s money only when it’s necessary, don’t waste.
  14. Stay true to your contracts and commitments.
  15. Don’t fight change. Be quick to adapt.
  16. Fix what’s broken. Don’t waste time by getting involved in blame game.
  17. If you’ve made a mistake, accept it.
  18. Remember that ethics matter in business above all. Be honest and reliable in all of your personal and official relationships.
  19. Only promise what you can realistically deliver.
  20. Organise yourself.

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