Know Yourself Better

“Knowing yourself is the hardest thing in the world because nobody lies to you about you more than you do. So if you want to do well, know yourself better”.

I posted the above status on my Social Media profiles today morning and then kept on wondering that this is not complete and need more explanation. Hence came back to make the above statement more meaningful for readers. And maybe help readers with a step by step solution of knowing yourself better.

In my experience, knowing our self is the most significant challenge people face, and usually, most of us are in denial mode about ourselves. People gauge themselves wrongly and mostly feel that they are more capable of than what they are. They blame other factors for their failures without realizing that they failed due to their shortcomings. Or at times people underestimate themselves and think that they can’t do specific jobs, wherein they possess skills to do the same job. This, at times, happens due to our fears.Capture

Many a time we find ourselves in a situation, and we have no other choice but than overcoming the case and we fight hard only to realize some of our hidden skills, but till that time those skills remain deeply hidden within us. That means opportunity/ situation unearths our hidden talents to emerge as a winner. But again, in such a case, we need to develop a personality of a risk-taker, so that when a new opportunity comes, we take a plunge in it and don’t keep standing at a side, unsure about our capability.

We must push ourselves beyond our known capabilities to unearth our true potential and skills. We train and practice ourselves continuously to convert our soft skills into core skills. But all will start with knowing yourself better.

I have devised this method of knowing myself better for myself, more than 25 years back, and have been practicing it since then. It has worked for me and delivered me what I expected from my life, and hence probably it will work for you too. I have followed the following steps to know myself better:

Day 1: Take three blank sheets of paper and on one sheet, write your strengths and on second your weaknesses, and third what you want to achieve in your life or your long term GOALS. Read all three sheets minimum 20 times or more, while you keep reading & evaluating each point you wrote on sheets, keep altering the lists you prepared in case you want to modify it or think those are not right. But more important is, to be honest in what you write. Each time you read the sheets, keep asking yourself, is this point right or correct?

Day 2: Keep the sheets aside for a day. Revisit the sheets the next day. Again read them 10-12 times. Make changes if you feel appropriate.

Day 3: Again, read the three sheets and make changes if needed. Now take a few more sheets and write what you need to do to achieve your long term goals. Prepare a detailed pointwise action plan.

Day 4 & 5: Again, read all the sheets a minimum ten times and make changes in it wherever needed.

Day 6: DO the final 4-5 times reading and make more changes. Hopefully, if you were honest with the answers, you will have the definitive list of what you are in terms of your strengths, weaknesses, what you want to achieve, and how? That means now you know yourself better than day 1 when you started.

But now it starts the most critical and challenging part. Know that this the time most people will give up this exercise as useless to them. But if you are not one of them, then start working on your every weakness and strength consciously. Make conscious efforts to improve on areas on you are not good at – seek help or guidance, read and practice what you learn every day. A conscious effort will make you sharpen your skills and practice will train you to bring in the perfection. Train your self hard and practice what you learn consciously every day, month after month. Contentious practice will bring in excellence, and you will gradually notice the difference over some time. Always remember “old habit die-hard” and changing them is not easy, you will need to work one each aspect of yours for months or maybe more till it starts coming to you naturally. During the process, keep motivating yourself and keep cheering yourself to try harder.

Good luck to you all. Take the first step to success.

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