Kindle in India – A Pride Possession

9 months back, when I bought the Kindle Dx, it was a alien thing for India. But since than, thanks to media and launch of iPad, which brought Kindle in lime light in India.

With no free shipping available and for want of more than necessary accessories (cover and night light), I ended up paying a $815 (unbelievable amount of almost Rs. 37,000), but since I wanted to get back to long lost habit of reading and with no fuss of visiting a book shop every time when I have to buy a book, it appeared to me a good idea to invest in a Kindle. I can certainly say, I am recovering every penny I spent and enjoying my Kindle Dx thoroughly.

I am surly one of very few people who have a Kindle Dx in India and that makes me feel special. So surely that keeps convincing me on my purchase decision. Everyone justifies their decisions, so do I.

But my love for this wonderful reading device made me to buy 2 more Kindle (one Kindle Dx and one Kindle 3G – 6″) to present my friends from South Africa. Sitting in India, I orders it on Amazon and within 4 days, it gets delivered at Cape Town and Durban – just perfect and wonderful.

One more thing – if you are reading on Kindle in public place or while traveling, than please be prepared to be interrupted every now and than by curious people around you to know – what it is, how it works, how much it costs, do you pay for books etc? So, this is only, negative side of having Kindle in India.

Kindle v/s iPad:
One of my friend who bought iPad recently regrets on his buying decision as he fined difficult to read on iPad due to glaze and glare of the screen and says Kindle is better option for reading.

My advise to new buyers – must buy a cover when you buy a Kindle.


Sanjeev Singhai: 13/12/2010.


  1. Sanjeev S

    change is constant Georgie and one need to be adoptive. But once you are accustomed, it does give pleasure of book reading.

  2. manali

    Hi… it’s good to read about your experiences with Kindle DX…. i am also planning to buy one for me. I have a silly question that… from Amazon the price of DX is $379. Will it be required to pay some extra dollars for shipping + import duty in addition to those $379 …or I shall just have to pay only $379 ?

    Can you please let me know about this…. It will be very helpful. Thanks.

    1. Sanjeev

      You are lucky that after the launch of iPad and other tablets prices have come down. I certainly paid for extra delivery charges. But if Amazon have started their India ops, in such case you may not be charged for delivery. No import duty extra what so ever applicable is payable as the same is in built in cost.

      Hope this answers you appropriately.

  3. C D Gandhi

    Jan 16, 2012

    I have just been gifted a Kindle Touch by my grandson. I wanted to know if covers for this are available in India.


    C D Gandhi

    1. Sanjeev

      Dear Mr. Gandhi,
      The Kindle cover till very recently were not available in India. I always ordered them on Amazon and paid in dollars. But their service is amazing and you will get delivery of your orders within a week.

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