Key Qualities of Successful Salesman

Every year thousands of youngsters starts their career in Sales. Everyone wants to succeed and fulfill their life’s dreams. But why, only very few are able to grow beyond a point in their career? Why only handful of them, in their life time, reach to the top of the corporate ladder? Why only very few salesman, can achieve the position of a Chief Executive Officer? Because they forget to focus on key qualities of salesman while building their career. So what are key qualities of successful salesman?

In my opinion, the successful salesman or people are not very different from any normal person. What makes them different is, their value system and attitude toward their own life. Here are few key qualities, which I noticed in successful sales people over the years:

1. Sense of Ownership: All successful sales person has this common trait in their personality. They always take charge of the job assigned to them and never fall short in terms of energy in the ownership. They share and feel the same pain as much business owner feels. They fight hard for their business.

2. Always Alert: A successful salesman is always wide awake and is a keen observer. He is always listening the whisper and fade voices around him, or sees and take note of the slightest change, which can be converted in an opportunity for them. This alertness makes them special, as they constantly keep learning with their own observations. Also this provide them ample of opportunities, to ride the success horse.

3. Stand tall and firm: Most of the successful persons I met in my life, were the fighters in their personal lives. They stand firm on their point and also confident people. They overcome the failures which comes to them but are able to prepare themselves for the next move of the life. Temporary setbacks may upset them for a while, but they manage themselves very well.

4. Goal Oriented: A good salesman is always focused on his goals. They work hard in preparing themselves for being able to achieve their goals. While they are working on short term plans, they always has long term objective in their minds. These people remains focused on their target and never give up. They always has a plan to tackle the new situation. They are usually full of energy.

5. People’s man: Successful sales persons usually mix up with people well. They make friends easily. They never hesitate in speaking to a stranger and are able to make other person comfortable. They are good listeners. They ask open ended questions which allows other person to speak. They love their lives and fun of the life.

6. Modest but yet Aggressive: All successful salesmen are just opposite to usual talkative person or flam boy reputation of salesman. They are polite and modest with their clients and never are pushy. They listen carefully and plan their reaction according to their client’s needs. They are suggestive and helping in their approach. But on other hand they peruse their point very aggressively and fight hard for their cause such as order or right price.

By: Sanjeev Singhai


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