Journalism and Authenticity of News – Decreasing Standard of Reporting

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Yesterday (4th Feb) a photo was published in Dainik Bhaskar, a leading Hindi national daily newspaper published from Bhopal attracted my attention.

Photo was published with a title on front page of the City Bhaskar. The caption was “Saif returns again for shooting of Arakashan,” and a photo of Saif Ali Khan was published in the newspaper, sitting in back seat of car waving and looking outside.

For all the readers the news was about the Saif Ali, who had landed previous night at Bhopal for on going film shoot of upcoming film with Amitabh BachchanThan, what was wrong with this photo and caption? The wrong is that photo is false and is taken at some other occasion. The reason I know is that because I was on the same flight to Bhopal from Mumbai with Saif on the night of 3rd. Fact is that Saif was sitting in front of me for almost an hour due to 45 minutes delay I launge of Jet Airways.

Fact is Saif was having a French Beard and was wearing brown goggles and white shirt. And not uithout beard Saif, in blue shirt and with clear glasses as was printed in the Dainik Bhaskar newspaper.

So what and how it conclude. That either the reporter who submitted this photograph cheated or the news composer was only given a caption and asked by the editing team to add a photograph of Saif. This is fine example of current standard for journalism in the country. Press is always considered a Pillar of Democracy, but this photo and caption shows decreasing standard of journalism  and careless reporting.

Sanjeev Singhai: 05/02/2011.


  1. Rakesh Nigam

    Good observation Sir. I think editor of FB-Bhopal must take a note of it and ensure that such mistakes does not happen in future.
    I also think that DB People should THANK YOU for your valuable feedback.

    Virtually ,its true that now days media has lowered its standard by adopting casual approach in Reporting and also by reporting biased news and articles. even though i think that there are several media houses who still believe that Content is the king and they never compromise on it. The case of DB may be a mistake by compulsion but recurrance of such mistakes will reflect its approach towards its worthy readers.

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