By Sanjeev Singhai.

In our times when we were in school, while learning English, an essay on Cow was integral part of the syllabus. And the first sentence of that essay was “Cow is a domestic animal”.

Similarly all these years, I believed that we, as human being are social animals. We live in a society and its hard to separate us from the society. What happens in society effect us directly and indirectly. But it appears that in changed times, this is chancing very fast. I find that we are getting converted in to a society of self centered people. We are becoming insensitive, as many of the things don’t effect us directly. Or we have become thick skinned that nothing hurts or able to ignite anger within us.

We do not care any more about what is happening around us. We like to pass by as if nothing had happened even if a road accident victim is fighting for life . We don’t mind to bribe people for our personal benefit. Now society or others are not part of our usual day to day conversations or discussions. Most of our conversations are self centered and “I, MY and ME” based. We like to brag about the eternity, social uplift, poor and underprivileged etc but do not act to change anything.

What struck me is not that we have become insensitive but that our souls have started dieing. My yesterday blog on Court decision in a Rape Case was the reason of my this realisation. In my previous blog “Women of India are not safe from rape crime anymore?”, I appealed to my readers to share the link with their friend’s through social media, so that a chain action start a social discussion and may be, voice is heard somewhere, which eventually may help poor rape victims of this country. No one has taken the note of this historical decision of the Surpeme Court in a gang rape and its implications in time to come.

24 hours after I see in the traffic report that there is 350% increase in traffic on my website. But to my surprise not a single reader have shared the blog link on their social media accounts. May be because, non of them see the threat of being a rape victim or such incident taking place with their family or friends and hence decided to remain aloof from the issue. In my opinion people think that how my sharing the link will benefit me or can help raise the cause? Or rape is a topic from which they would like themselves to keep away.

People who will suffer from the court decisions in rape will be mostly from the lower class of the society and from rural India. Hence why urban, Internet savvy should react or how it effects them or the Civil Society of India. Its not the issue like corruption which victimise them. Its disappointing that we all want better life and expect society and government to do many thing for us but when it comes to us, most of us decides to remain quite and inexpressive.

I am happy that my soul still breaths. And that I still feel that I have social obligations.

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  1. Abhay Shankar


    Our society is bound to produce goons, theres no wrongness i am trying to find in it..! But the kind of emotions we are teaching our kids, has taken a route of self benefit in all terms of social animal life (as you quoted in the blog too), We as a human on this plannet has been provided to follow a set king of RACE to compete.. for me its a race that leads, more or less to a very similar destination on the mass level, and thats the ultimate goal for all of us..A very set pattern.. no space for innovation on the personal front..! the world societies is concentrating on THE basics of human life on earth..ignoring all other important aspect which made humen, humane on the earth floor..and made a much more evolve creature in a very less time span on the earth..! The social importance of earlier days becoming less important.. offcourse we all are heading towards little more truth of human science from little lesser truth of life here on this plannet…and thats the compassion human to human..! Because of that, we are here today… more equiped to tackle personal, social, political etc. circumstances.. with much more abled tools provided on every front of our lives..! But what happens when we loose the divinity of emotions.. we can see it today.. every second.. every fraction of life time here in every society of the world.. we loose something, to gain something more publicized by the Institution arround… We gain more happier THINGS loosing less important aspects of humane life..! Yet we all are a social animal.. and we’ll be an animal of society… because we have developed a system to defeat all the alien social animals living/present on this plannet..being an intelligent animal of the society.. the only thing separate us from other animal is the ability to use our brain for self (human race) progress.. by hook or by crook.

    The amount of energy The SUN produces in a single hour can generate sufficient energy for entire population of this plannet… but still we are unable to capture and store it.. we find coal and other fossile fuels much easier to extract and burn… yet we are a progressive society.. i wonder who will do Public Relation job for the other creatures of this plannet..! who has no voice.. but emotions.. due to that very emotion we have achieved the wonders of the world housing more population than required. We are the people who has a clear mandate to look after the entire happenings of the world.. including the connectivity between people to people… we are the people who has a responsibility to give our children a better place in this world to grow and not just compete the rat race but to compete a more noble cause with the basics too.

    So, Sir.. the more we loose the compassion within the society, the more we tend towards destruction of relationship, emotions, feelings and offcouse responsibilities of building a more livable society for true souls housing on this plannet.!


    Abhay shankar

  2. Abhay Shankar


    The amount of energy The SUN produces in a single hour can generate sufficient energy for entire population of this plannet…for one whole year.

  3. Abhay Shankar


    Thank you sir.. it was just a first thought came in to my head.. after reading your blog.. no one in general writes on the topics you wrote… everyone thinks its an specialized and certain kind of understanding and expression which has its limitations in our sociaty… no time to indulge in these kinds of heavy word debates.. but we all are deep rooted to these thoughts, conciously or subconciously.. I hearty express my true feeling of concern on your blog sir.


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