Is a CEO successful

Will you call a CEO successful or an Entrepreneur – this was the topic of debate yesterday when I met an old friend; a working professional turned in to an entrepreneur last six years. His previous job was as CEO of a large company.

Our topic of discussion was “professional progression (a secure and growing job, like was his earlier) or entrepreneur – whom you will call successful?” In the end, we both agreed that being an entrepreneur or professional career progression as CEO can be called successful, as both deliver the position of power and money. However, we had fascinating arguments in favor of bot.

Arguments on CEOs can’t be called successful were the following:

1) Working professionals never take any risk of their own. Money in business is someone else’s and not theirs, so the risk is someone else’s.

2) They are self-centered and only care about the security of their careers and job. Most will jump/  changes jobs if they sense any direct threat to his or her job.

3) They never generate direct employment to support society.

4) Since they are not business owners, their contribution to the economic development of the country is negligible.

5) They are always dispensable for their employers.

6) They handle two underlying fears whole life: fear of poverty and fear of criticism.

On another hand, why being a CEO can be called successful were the following:

1) While an Entrepreneur risks his money, but they have limitations in terms of knowledge and ability to expand. Professionals make that possible.

2) It’s not about the jobs which a professional change; it is about what value he/ she adds through his position to create immense value.

3) The ability to generate direct employments is no criteria to define success.  A CEO creates large corporations through his vision, which anyways creates thousands of jobs.

4) Professionals may be dispensable, but then there are takers for performing professionals.

5) Everyone has some or other fear, so choosing to be a professional doesn’t mean one can’t take risks. It’s more about a way one wants to live.

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