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Good news is that now iPad2 is available in India and lapse of time from global launch is not as of iPad. iPad2 was launched on 29th April and I was one of the lucky ones to get one, on the day one. Why I say that I was lucky one that, this is what Apple does the best that they make feel their customers good being possession of the Apple Products.

Like always Performance is superb but user friendliness or utility always remains debatable issue for all Apple products. So here are my takes after 48 hours of possession of iPad2 – 16GB Wi Fi 3G. But one good thing which goes in my favour, without any doubt is that I was trying to get iPad2 for me and was constantly checking price from grey market where price quoted to me for the same piece was Rs. 50,000 and because I was able to hold my buying nerves I saved Rs. 13,000 as this is what I finally paid less.

But understand that iPad is not a replacement of computer and is not even near to it. And this is my first blog from iPad.

Why you may decide to buy an iPad2:

1. No doubt you will feel good and you will get people’s attention.

2. If you are always stressing your eyes on your Blackberry and email is your basic application of working, than you can save your eyes.

3. Your kids will not play games on your mobile.

4. You are saved from carrying laptop beg on short trip out of work.

5. It makes life easier to remain on top with social media contacts, as there are plenty social media related free applications are available. And if you hated partial access on your social media website through applications available on your smart phone, iPad offers option to switch to the full website within no times through Safari browser.

6. Video chatting is free, though front camera is not of great quality.

7. Sound quality is good if you hate to plug in ear phones.

8. Switching between applications, processor speed, keyboard, picture resolution is excellent and superior by far. You would love the keyboard which types with feather touch.

9. Also that I am not expecting too much from iPad and not aware of hidden disadvantages. So ignorance is a blessing with iPad.

10. Thousands of application will enable you to do virtually everything on your iPad2. Of course most of good applications, comes with a price tag.

What you you should not decide to buy an iPad:

1. Your firefox will not work on it. At max you can download an application which will open in a very small (may be 5cm x 10cm) window which you will immediately hate.

2. If you don’t want want to keep paying for everything which is of importance to you, don’t buy an iPad. Everything else is free. So be prepared for constant usage of your credit card.

3. There are no scroll buttons, so you will struggle if you are working on Note Pad and cursor movement is always a limitation.

4. You will struggle with Bluetooth connectivity and pairing devices is painful. I tired pairing my Mac Book and Blackberry in spite of Repeated efforts and trying with help available through forums, I am not able to pair a single device.

5. You can access your emails on webmail through Safari with ease but if you are thinking of synchronising your mail from other computer than be prepared to sell Rs. 6500 every year for the usage of MobileMe services.

6. Every time you try (and I tried thrice) to download an application, you are asked to Varify your credit card details and being sent debit of a Dollar (Rs. 45) amount.

7. I bought Kindle Dx long back and I love it for book like print impressions and reading pleasure. I feel, I will continue to use my Kindle for reading because on it’s non lit and finger marks screen. Also I feel Kindle is less stressing for prolonged reading sessions where in iPad is strenuous.

8. If you like cleanliness and hate finger prints, better get used to of them as in switch off mode your iPad’s screen will look dirty. And removing finger marks with plain cloth is not possible.

I have been trying to complete this blog post for last over two hours and now have just lost my interest in this post. Can’t feel like flipping any more between post view and preview, cumbersome way of scrolling, correcting sentences and spellings etc. So may be, will try telling you about more reasons why one should or should not buy an iPad2.

By Sanjeev Singhai


  1. Sanjeev Singhai

    Some other benefits:

    (a) I can work or read with switched off light when wife is sleeping.
    (b) Its light weight.
    (c) Good enough for routine web surfing and social media. (
    d) Good for checking and answering email.

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