iPad is better e-reader than Kindle

Article published by Technorati on 9th May 2011

I have been reading on my Kindle Dx now for over a year and I loved being in possession of such unique and rare reading device in India. One hardly sees anyone reading on a Kindle in this country.
Kindle Dx
Reading on a Kindle has been a good experience due to its paper-like feel, unlit and un-finger marked screen, ease of underlining, etc.

Though Kindle is equipped with 3G, EDGE & Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity but one struggles to connect with the Internet for references or at times for a Google search. The small keyboard helps you in making occasional notes while reading, but it’s cumbersome. My extra clip light, helps me to read during the night.

But to me, reading is not only about reading but thinking too, and about finding direction for my thinking, or next steps. So while reading, I always keep a paper and pen near to me, which helps me noting whatever hovers in my mind.

But since, I started reading on iPad2, every thing has changed. I can easily note what comes to my mind. I can switch to emails to send mail or go to the browser for reference checks, etc. Or I can even play a game if I am bored with reading.
So my verdict is that the reading experience may be better on Kindle but iPad is a better reading device than Kindle due to its multifunction features.

So I have downloaded the Kindle Application on my iPad to read Kindle books.

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