Indecisive Thinking

Is indecisive thinking often referred to as Broken Mind by the people?

Broken mind? Really? I always thought that only non-living things break? How can the mind be broken? A Mind forever remains intact whether one uses it wisely or not. People often confuse with the way they think and the ability of the mind to decide. And they blame mind for their indecisive thinking. indesisive-thinking

Everyone seeks education to gain knowledge of various subjects, but what school doesn’t teach us is “how to optimize” the learning or acquired knowledge for own or other benefits. The usage of acquired knowledge varies on an individual’s abilities and commitment. That’s why, in spite of having the same education, people achieve success differently in their lives. People who have stabilized or decisive thinking make more out of their life.

Mentoring is a buzz word now the days and people actively look for mentors to overcome their status of indecisiveness. No wonder they opt for counseling/ a mentor. I highly appreciate those who are willing to seek other person help to sort out clutter of their mind/ thinking and overcome the status of indecisiveness.

Seeking another person’s help to decide on a particular topic/ issue can be useful and helpful but can’t be a good option for everything of day to day life. Hence, one needs to develop decision-making capabilities. For this, one needs to “Train” or “Tame” his/ her mind. Though it might sound like a difficult task, the fact is that it’s easy to train the mind provided, one is willing to try honestly and continuously.

Going forward with Indecisive Thinking:

The best example can be of Athletes who train themselves for 100 meters World Championship race. These athletes train themselves every day for years before they win their first race. They practice every day; they do various activities and go through a training regime repeatedly every day without getting bored or restless. Such athletes put in a Continuous Conscious Effort. They learn how to burn their entire energy in less than 10 seconds, which can make them win the race.

So, instead of feeling depressed or indecisive about how your mind works; get up, start training your mind. Activate your brain cells. Get in your thinking cap. Whenever you have confusion, stop. Think from a different point of view, seek information, ask questions to yourself or consult. If you can do similar things and practice throughout a prolonged time, I am sure one will not have a broken mind or indecisive thinking.


  1. Payal Ayush

    Very helpful:
    Most of the time I m very decisive , I start and then innovate and reinvent . But as I m aging my decisiveness esp pertains to business is not as strong.. could be because of lack of experience. Thus seeking knowledge- books research mentor .. all caps on!

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