A solution to your question “how to increase C Drive Space” is very simple. Though now it appears to be simple to me after 9 hours of extensive research on Google. Problem you face is that you want space back in your C drive from other drives like D or E or any other name to back on C drive. Here is step by step process of increasing C Drive Space:

Step 1: Open your browser and search for EaseUs Partition Manager.Capture

Step 2: Download EaseUs Partition Manager in your Download Folder.

Step 3: Once download is complete double click .exe file and install the application on your computer.

Step 4: once download is complete you will find EaseUs short cut on your Desktop. Before clicking it close all other program, now double click it.

Step 5: once Easeus Manager/ Master opens it will show different drives on your PC. Check which drive has the free space which you can shift to C drive? In case you don’t have space, than free the space by copying your files on detectable drive and deleting them from your PC or deleting them permanently from your PC.

Step 6: select the drive (D/E etc) from which you would like to move space to your C Drive. Than from top tab press Resize/ Move or select the same option by right clicking.

Step7: A new window will open which will show space on drive selected in Partition Size. Reduce the Partition Size to Free the desired space. If you want 20 GB space than reduce it by 20,000MB. Click on Unallocated Space it will show 20,000 MB. Click OK.

Step 8: once process is complete restart your PC. And again open EaseUs Manager.

Step 9: now you will see all your previous drives and also UnAllocated 20 GB Partition. Now on bottom bar where different drives are shown drag Unallocated space next to C Drive Space. So if your D Drive was next to C than it will move further and give space to Unallocated partition.

Step 10: Now select C Drive and on bar provided from right hand side drag it to completely cover the Unallocated Space. Once it’s covers completely of Left Hand Side Bar you will see the pending operation. Close the EaseUs and Restart your PC.

Your will see new 20 GB free space added to your C drive ready for your use. In case look for User Guide on EaseUs website.

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