Importance of Brain Training

Today morning in the office, I was having a conversation with my son, who has been working with us for some time. He is just like all other youngsters who have got education from good schools, has able parents, lives carefree and non-committal life, is dreamers who want to succeed, unsure of his today’s actions, doesn’t have vises, has right friend circle and lives in the present. Overall a perfect Urban Kid about whom his parents will feel good. Our discussion, which started from an email (which we were supposed to respond) to in the direction that what we should do to excel in our lives and do well?

At this point, our discussion took one more turn, and, he said that these are different times, and people are now changed. My point to him was that nothing had changed; the humankind of stone age and today’s people are the same from a human psychology point of view. If anything which has changed with time is that, that humankind has learned to use technology for his comforts. Tools of living may have changed, but men-women remain the same. We have become slaves of the technology, which is created by a few high performing brains – the innovators. So to do well in life, what matters most is how we train our minds so that we can lead the change. And that training of the brain needs to start early in life.

We are no different than old times slaves who were bonded laborers and were used to work under compulsions of their poverty, illiteracy, and unawareness. Now we are educated and aware and no more bonded laborers, but now we are bonded to current living conditions, lifestyle, and comforts. We are modern days slaves of technology due to the compulsion of a comfortable life.

I guess, in the end, I was able to convince him that why he must work on brain training rather than getting sucked in the day to day office work and waste most of the efforts which may not be fruitful in the long run for self? Why taking out and devoting some time every day on brain training through simple steps is essential for each of us?

I wish that he will follow the advice and do well in his life.

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