Today a newly joined sales guy in our team came to me with his introduction email which he intend to send to his clients as initial sales pitch. And I ended up advising him below on “how to prepare an effective sales pitch” on a peice of paper. On completing conversation I realised that this information can be very useful for young sales person so thought of putting on this blog too.

Firstly know that there can’t be one single pitch for every client of yours. However in this blog post I will tell you how to make best fitting sales pitch for yourself which you can tweak every time you approach a client. Also you must know your sales pitch must have following three things:Capture

1) It must be Structured

2) It should be Crisp and Clear – easy to understand

3) It should not be too long. Best if its around 150 to 170 words.

So, get down to prepare your sales pitch. Try preparing your answers of following questions:

a) What your company do?

b) What are your companies experties areas?

c) Why product or service is relevant to your client/ customer or consumer?

d) Who are your existing clients or customers?

e) How your product/ services has benefited your customers and why they feel good about your company.

f) How you can assure on product delivery or post sales care once they buy your product?

Now try framing your answers in one paragraph in not more than 3-4 sentences in same order as mentioned above. If you can do that you have your pitch ready. Happy selling.

By Sanjeev Singhai

Experiences of Indian professional and expert, who's heart lives in rural India. Read his views on Career Personality Development, Business, Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Social Media and Life.

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