We always had a business and we always thought that website is a great way of promoting our business. And we treated websites exactly the same way we would have released a newspaper advertisement. Companies use their website as display window, where in they try their level best to show case their products and services to their prospective customers or clients. But question remains how to make your website work for you?

How wrong those people are, who still feel that this is the correct way of show casing their products/ services on a website and hope that visitors of their website will get attracted to product and services displayed on website and buy them? Truth is that most of the people who will ever visit such website will have the lowest recall and chances are, that visitors will never return on such website or buy your service/ product, as such website don’t offer any value. Visit the most successful business website on Internet and you will realize why they are successful.

Internet penetration is increasing every day. Social media is the buzz of current time and this has changed the world of marketers and sellers forever. Marketers and Sellers always wanted to engage and interact with their customers and consumers but never knew how to do that? All the methods of engaging and interacting consumers either were time consuming or were not cost effective. But Internet and Social Media is the answer for the same. Today one can interact and engage consumers virtually at no cost due to social media or through your website.

In changed times, what we need to do is that we create web based platforms/ websites, where each visitor from our targeted customer profile, finds something of his/ her interest. We not only make information available for our visitors but also give them enough information and links to surf, so that they ends up spending more time reading and researching our website. If we are able to do that, than chances are, that a real buyer than will end up spending his money on our website or if one is not an immediate buyer, than one will surly return to our website when he has purchase intention.  Such customer will return to our website as they had already spent quality time on our website and that he has learned so much about the product and services and they feels assured of buying from us.

So while creating a website the most important thing is not that one displays the product and services offered by them but is that enough information is provided to the visitors of the website. One should provide enough links on the website which helps visitors ease of navigation and enough information on product and services offered o the website.

By Sanjeev Singhai

Experiences of Indian professional and expert, who's heart lives in rural India. Read his views on Career Personality Development, Business, Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Social Media and Life.

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