How to create interactive videos

With everyone having a video camera now, video making has never been so simple. But how to create interactive videos remains the big question in front of most of the content creators. I have tried penning down my thoughts on Video Making based on my experience of video production in the last eight years, wherein I got to work for top MNC brands of grocery store companies.Interactive Videos

The first thing of interactive video making starts with the identification of Audience your product and Competition. Understand your brand, and that what will make it successful?

Secondly, the thing which one needs to decide what the purpose of the making of Interactive Video is? Once you have identified the same, you need to prepare the content of the video, ideally not more than three minutes, best is under 2 minutes.

The third important point is to maintain Consistency. It is very important for remaining focused and to attract traffic that all video has some familiarity in terms of look, feel and voice and music.

Fourth and most important – plan long term. Fewer videos (4-5) will not lead your brand anywhere until unless you keep populating videos in a long time.

But in my opinion, the best interactive videos are with talking head or speaking videos. Conversational videos work better. Ask your audience to participate or ask them to give suggestions. I always say people like to deal with people and not machines or brands.

And last but not the least, do right meta-tagging, annotation, promote the video on your social media or through paid media.

Check out PPT on slide share:

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