How a Sales Person can Damage your Company Reputation

By Sanjeev Singhai.

I travel extensively within India and for car rental at Airport, there is only one reliable option of car rental service which is CarzOnRent. Bangaluru (Bangalore) airport is no different and I always hire car from the said car rental/ taxi service: CarzOnRent.

Usually at Bangaluru CarzOnRent counter, when a customer walks in, the Sales Manager will ask customer that where all he wants to go and will suggest the minimum hour and distance package. While standing in Q for taxi few trip back, I noticed that Sales Manager was pushing for the hire distance package to each customer, so that customer coughs more money for car rental. As standard practice mostly a car is hired for 8 hours and 80 km package and if one exceeds time or distance, one will pay extra money, based on extra hours or distance utilised. This particular Sales Manager Suresh, smilingly will virtually insist his most of the customers to accept 100 km package. And most customer will agree to him as they do not have clue about the distances of the Bamgaluru city.

So last time, against his recommendation, I insisted for 80 km package. On my return on airport, I found that the total distance which was utilised was 84 km. That mean I was able to save almost Rs. 400 or so on car hire.

Yesterday again, I was at Bangaluru and forgot that I need to be careful with the Sales Manager of this airport and ended up hiring 100 km on the insistence of the said sales person. The moment I sat in the car, I realised that I am again being made fool and cheated by sales person. This drew my attention to that how a sales person can undermine and spoil a company’s reputation.

I am quite sure, if CarzORent runs a analysis verses the package sold and km utilised, there must be huge saving for them. For example if everyday, 100 customers coughs Rs. 400 extra like I did, it totals to Rs. 40,000.

Wow, a huge sum as additional profit, this Airport Car Rental Service Sales Manager is making for his company. Annual additional cash profit of Rs. 14 million if per day average is maintained. But is it right to cheat it’s customers by misguiding and misleading? Is it a right practice for the company to earn money in such manner.

I think both CarzORental and Sales Manager needs to think on their approach to the business in the long run. I lost my faith from this Car Rental Company, though I might keep hiring the car from them as there is no other option but surly I now will look for other alternative of car hiring.

A lesson hard way learned, so guys if you traveling to Bangaluru and have intention to rent a car, be careful.

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