Digital World has been flooded by BJP supporters with hate messages on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp post landslide win, demeaning the meaning of BJP’s win in this election. Whether you open Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp you will see your feed flooded with hate messages.

It is shocking to witness the behaviour of BJP supporters post WIN. Healthy humour is fine and is part of a developed society and is always welcome. But I find hard to understand some ofimage the messages of BJP Supporters which are using highly derogatory and offensive language. Clip of one of such messages which I found on my FB wall is being displayed in this blog post after cropping as rest message was even more shocking. Such behaviour is certainly demeaning the meaning the hope, with which this country voters have entrusted BJP to rule India.

Does this mean that BJP supporters have unconditional support of BJP higher ranks and does this country will be ruled with such head highness? Does this mean that anyone who is a non supporter of BJP will be treated abusively in this country. Does Right to Speech is under the threat? These are the questions which will get answered in time to come but certainly this behaviour of BJP supporter is very frightening and BJP leadership must think to address this issue. Win in Elections is one thing but BJP must not forget that higher vote share is still against them and that does not take away Right of People to chose their  political Preference.

By: Sanjeev Singhai

Experiences of Indian professional and expert, who's heart lives in rural India. Read his views on Career Personality Development, Business, Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Social Media and Life.

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