Handheld Devices and Website Designing

Internet is no more a thing of technology for most of the people. It’s just one of the thing, we use in our day-to-day life – like wheels, telephone, electricity or even computers. Its part of our life and we do not take a note of Internet as being backbone of the Digital World, which opens a new world of websites for us through Internet. Welcome to the NEW ERA, which is popularly known as DIGITAL ERA.

As we move into the digital space, gadgets around us have started changing and manufacturers are everyday introducing new adaptations of their products. Be it TV, Refrigerator, Shops, Automobile, Phones, Hospitals or Travel. List is really very long. I feel everyone feels the change, which Internet has brought in the way we live.

But dearest of all gadgets to us is MOBILE phone. We all carry our mobile phones all the time. People now access web on their mobile and such users are increasing everyday. And increased speed of data transmission (broadband, 3G and 4G) is making it more popular in masses.

But today, I wanted to raise a serious problem, which I face, when I try accessing website through my mobile or Kindle. Both the devises allows me to connect to the web through GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WI-FI connectivity, around the world at a no cost or at a very reasonable cost. But what is the use of connectivity if I am not able to explore most of the websites completely.

So-called, mobile ready websites do not offer full access to me through mobile/ Kindle. Even mobile applications available, are of no good and offers limited access to even most popular web site of Social Media world – Face Book or Linkedin. Experience is often very frustrating or disappointing, particularly when, when you log in through your computer to find that what you have missed in past 1 or 2 days, when one was away from his/ her faithful computer/ laptop.

I am no technology person or a geek and hence, I have been struggling with this thought for a very long. But now I feel, I have found the root cause of the same. Most of the web sites are computer ready and not Mobile/ Kindle ready. Most of the websites still write at bottom – “best compatible of Internet Explorer x.x or Firefox x.x.

This means, website designers need to find solutions for common surfers like me. Which allows me to surf the website either the way I do it on my computer or offer me a website on my mobile or Kindle which allow me to steer through the web site and I am able consume the information available on the website without any limitation. May be secret lies in the way websites are constructed at back end which makes them heavy to load.


I am sure tech companies involved in website designing must have taken the note of this problem and must be on the job somewhere. But with increased use of gadgets like Touch Screen Mobile and Kindle, it’s hard to wait for the change.

I think real Digital Era will arrive when we have full access to websites through our hand held devises.


  1. Sanjeev S

    Dear Admirer & Well Wisher,

    Thanks for putting your frank comments. I feel happy that someone has taken the lead in putting his/ her comments and this might instigate other regular readers of my blog to start scribbling their thoughts comments.

    Please correct my name – it's with double E and not with I. And this error tells me that you are an Indian.

    I loved reading each word of your comment. May be when you will come out of your "ANONYMOUS" shadow and start knowing me better, you will change your opinions on me but for now thanks for letting knowing to work even harder and preparing my self for Digital Age.

    By the way you can write to me at sanjeevrc@gmail.com if you wish.


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