Google services stopped working

One Plus X smartphone owners are experiencing the error “Google services stopped working.’ It can happen if you have carried System Update on your mobile. Google Store stooped working on my Android Mobile; no Apps were getting updated. All Google Apps like Gmail, Google Play Movies, Google+, and Google Play Music, etc. stopped working.

google-services-stopped-workingAfter coming from the office, I spent many evenings researching various Android Forum & Google Play Help and trying out multiple solutions for the error “Unfortunately, Google Services Stopped Working.” I also tried seven solutions provided at Google Play Help for “Store won’t load or download apps.” Everyone seems to be giving answers that are based on trial and error method with no clue to the exact problem.

Play Store Error Solution

The problem seems to with the Operating System Update of OxygenOS Version 3.1.3, which I updated a few days back in Android Version 6.0.1 mobile/ smartphone. This problem/ error is faced only faced by the users who have installed Google+ App on their phone. So what you need to do is uninstall Google+ from your mobile and all Google Services. Please follow the following steps to restore the normal functioning of your mobile:

  1. Go to Settings of your mobile.
  2. Look for Apps or App Manager
  3. Scroll down and find Google+ App and open it
  4. Disable the Google+ App. It might give you an error “Unable to uninstall the Google+” but that’s fine, you won’t see the Google+ App in Apps or Apps Manager.
  5.  Restart/ reboot your smartphone.
  6. Open any Google Service or Play Store; you will find it working fine now.

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