Last week someone asked me on that “What are some good marketing strategies for an NGO working in India?” Usually when a question is asked I answer promptly but this question sent me in my thinking cap. Below was my response to the person whom I asked the question. But than I thought why not to post it on my blog too.

Marketing Strategy for a NGOs is no different than any other product or brand and follows similar steps. So here we go….
First and foremost you should be clear that what’s the purpose behind the existence of your NGO. Try defining it in one sentence. Include core values for which your NGO stand for and how you are going to make difference in society or current situation with your efforts. Remember that your purpose need to have positiveness and hope in it.

Think that how people are going to connect with your purpose? What change people want and what they don’t like in present? If you have a marketing strategy which is on these lines, people will think that your NGO is represents them and they will come forward with donation, charities and helping hand.

Being humble and thankful to the people’s contribution is very important for any NGO. As per me this should come loudly in all your marketing communications.

Most NGOs fail in terms of feedback. Once donation or help is received usually a thank you card is sent. But I feel people who donate, connect more with your cause and they would like to hear more on the progress. So send regular updates on a definite intervals to people who have helped you and whom you want to come forward with their helping hand. This will make them feel happy and that they have associated with right NGO and will make them donate to your NGO in future too.

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