It’s been two month and I have been finding blog writing interesting and I am going to be hooked with it.My definition of blog is – “blog is a one’s personal diary, at a public domain in digital form.” And I am loving scribbling my diary. I feel happy to express. It doesn’t matters that how rich my vocabulary is or how well, I am able to phrase my writing? But I know one thing that, if I keep writing, it will only get better with time.Best part is that I learned to express my self and put my thought and thinking in written format and for public scrutiny and comments. I think that’s very rare and make me feel special. And in time to come this blog will change me from within for forever.

Continuing to my seriousness for blogging, soon you will find my blogs at new address and new avatar at (click here for preview). Hosting blog at Public Blog site has limitation and I was not finding that very friendly. So I have decided to move my blog from current site.

But challenge is, how to do it and without incurring much cost? So guys, to overcome this hurdle I have booked my own domain names yesterday. I was looking for server space to host these domain and my friend Bhupesh was kind enough to offer me hosting the same on his server space. Thanks Bhupesh for helping me with hosting space and all the assistance you are providing.

But real challenge starts now. I have domain name and server space, but no website. So I have to learn web designing and that too without any cost. So guys allow me some time before I can present you my blog at new address. I am will now get on with my website designing skills and would be soon back with new blog address

Till than keep reading my blog.

P.S.: And don’t forget to put your comments.


Sanjeev Singhai: 13/01/2011.

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  1. Sanjeev S


    I am able to host it for preview after spending full Sunday. Let me resolve other design issues. Keep adding your comments for improvement.

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