Full circle of advertising

“I make people fall in love with brands.”
“I am a storyteller.”

I find these lines in the introduction of many advertising agency professionals. It is the world; advertising professionals love ❤️ to live and die. That’s their life. They want to be artists.

Selling a product is tough. It doesn’t allow one to enjoy life though advertising may have evolved from being able to sell.

The brand is the hero and not the product. Be creative.

Creativity has no price tag, and treating brand as “a piece of art” allows raising hefty creative bills. Also, creativity can’t be measured beyond a point. Can you define beauty? No… because beauty is in the eyes of the person who sees it. e.g., you are beautiful, but will you fall in love with me or marry me?

No wonder, in digital times, more and more clients have started asking their agencies to operate on a measurable performance matrix. While the brand remains on focus but now for clients, ROI and Sales Conversions are more important.

Advertising has come to the full circle. Back to basic of being able to sell.

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