Facebook Traffic Decreasing

Facebook Traffic Decreasing: All brands have migrated to newly introduces Timeline format of  Page now. But this policy change came to many brand as huge drop in reach or views of their Facebook pages.

The drop has mainly come because new timeline has started counting the visitors differently. Earlier whenever any person was used to visit your Facebook page each visit was counted as UNIQUE visit. But with new timeline if a visitor visits hundred times your page in 12 hours its counted as 1 visit. This is the prime reason for sudden fall in traffic on Facebook page.

Brands are experiencing 30% to 50% drop in traffic reports of their Facebook page since they had shifted to new timeline of Facebook. This drop is mainly in weekly post views of every brand page on Facebook and drop in participation levels.

So if you are concerned with sudden drop in traffic, post views or Negative reports here are tips for you to get back more visitors on your Facebook page and to regain positive traffic reports on your brand’s Facebook page:

traffic1. No One Like to Scroll: the cover photo though gives good looks to page but eats away the big space on top of the page. So any visitor on page has to scroll down. Everyone wants to see more and more info on page without scrolling and don’t like to scroll. So first thing remove the big cover photo. Best option don’t use cover photo but if cover photo is must for you than upload a re-sized photo which is like a banner strip photo that occupies less space on the page.

2. Insertion of photos in post: Facebook gives page traffic reports based on the numbers of post seen on available screen space. So more are the numbers of posts shown on the screen you will get better traffic report. Avoid inserting photos in your post, as they take too much space on the screen. As you can see in Coke page image above that photos has taken more space and less content is shown. Minimize the photo size and post size. Click here to see how to optimise your page post.

3. Encourage to post Photos and Tag Friends: Also with new timeline if you encourage visitors to post photos and make them tag their friends than you can rebuild traffic back on your page. 1 visitors tags 5 friend is counted as 6 visits.

By implementing these two simple suggestions you will see significant increase in traffic on your face book brand page.

By Sanjeev Singhai

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