Expressing oneself and interactivity

One of the keen follower of my blog – my daughter came to me first thing in the morning today, complaining that why my last blog, ended abruptly and that she wanted to read more. My apologies to all those readers, who were disappointed with the quality of my last blog. In fact, even I was wanting to write more but decided to close where it is for 2 basis reasons:1. That I was drafting the blog in flight and I have to close the PC as I was reaching destination. Also I have decided that I must post a blog yesterday without fail – so I had no other choice but than publish the draft.2. I tried hard to write more but I could not get the thread (or connecting thought) to continue writing.

So, no disappointments. You guys will keep getting to read my blog and the purpose of blogging for me, is to learn how to arrange my thoughts and convert them into an expression. I am learning and you guys will be my partners on my learning process.

Some stats for you guys – almost 400 times my blogs (9 blogs) were read since Dec 12th. Readers from 14 countries visited the blog, even from unexpected countries like Pakistan, Russia, Malaysia and Germany.

What I am not appreciating is that why no one is reacting to what they have read so far? And what makes them to keep holding their thoughts? Why they think that, if they will express themselves that would not be right?

For me the biggest change which Internet brought to our lives is that it allowed us to interact and express. Face Book is one such example of the the same. Today we have started interacting and expressing again. So Internet has not only converted this world in Global Village but also empowered each of us to voice and express our opinions.

Just to explain – film making and editing has always been considered as highly skilled job and domain of few select. But this is not true any more. Today anyone can shoot a video on their mobile, edit it on their mobile and release it on You Tube using the same mobile. And millions of people watches the video if it offers value to viewers. It cost nothing, unlike film which cost fortune, it can be produced and released in a matter of few minutes or hour, you get instant reaction by way of comments, and most importantly CREATIVITY IS NOT ANY MORE FEW PERSON DOMAIN.

Or take, the case of this blog – I am no writer and best of my friend Sanjiv was surprised after reading my first few blogs. But here I am, writing a blog every now and than and you reading it. All these years, I could never pick up a pen and paper, all these years, I never thought of myself being a writer and that even if I would write, was never sure that I will get a single reader. But internet provided me opportunity not only to write but to be read also. And that’s the power of Internet – to bring change in each person’s of life.

So my dear readers. I request you to start writing your comments after reading my blog, (a) it will help me and ( b) it will allow you to reactive and expressive.


Sanjeev Singhai: 22/01/2011.


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