Disappointments and How to Manage them

By Sanjeev Singhai.

It happens with everyone, that you have been working on something big and waited long for that one good news. The whole atmosphere is all upbeat around you and suddenly you realise that your dreams are shattered. Such news always leaves one in state of shock and with huge disappointment.
Specially in business, these types of news may dislodge one’s future ambitious plans and comes as a huge loss to business. In this situation managing “Disappointments” becomes very critical for each of us, if we are not able to manage our disappointments well, it not only effects our professional performance but may effect personal lives too. I have been under such turmoils, many times in my life and I have evolved my own support system to overcome such disappointments. Here are the few easy steps which you can follow too:

1. Have Faith: Always have faith in yourself, have faith in your destiny and God. As old man says: “man proposes, God disposes.” No one gets more than one is destined for. You already has your share, so feel happy about what you have. Yes, the news which you was expecting, was important to you, but even without that you are where you were.

2. Find your Energy: Get back and do quick soul search, unearth your hidden energies, which will bring your fighter back on feet. We are disappointed with what we didn’t get and not what we have or what good can come to us, without this new thing; which we were expecting. Feel good about what you have and what else good you can do in future. Pep up your spirits for the new day.

3. Involve All: Immediately communicate the disappointing news with all concerned, so that everyone start putting their head together to overcome the new situation. It helps to be in group, rather than being alone, or trying to resolve everything at your own is not good thing.
4. Don’t waste time: Whatever happened, has happened; you now can’t change that. So don’t waste time in analysing the cause and reasons of disappointing news. You will get enough time to analyse the same later, now is the time to overcome the new situation.

5. Stay Positive: Get involved in positive activities usually this helps one getting his/ her self confidence back. Also this will help to remain constructive in your doings, which eventually gets converted in new success.

6. Overcome Setback: Realise that biggest setback is loosing your loved one and each person overcomes that setback and life goes on. So if that is right, than cause for your disappointment is at least not as bad news as loosing your loved one. So know that setback is not end of life and world.

Next time when you feel disappointed, follow these simple steps and you will feel better. Today while I am writing this blog, I had a great setback in business and suddenly thought came in that why don’t I divert my self to writing on this topic. It helps me and it will help you too.


  1. Manisha

    Absolutely ! You are what you are in times of adversity …be it professional or personal thats the real test of one’s strength of character ..And you are a winner Sanjeev…we all are 🙂

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