Decade of 2000 – Life Changing

As first decade of 2000 set and the second decade started, it forced me to take a pause and made me to start scribbling for the people who might visit this post.


We all know that change is a constant but for me changes of this decade are going to leave it’s everlasting impact on my rest of life and the way I am going to live hereafter.

A decade of ambitions, struggles, changes, redefining values, deep sorrows, shifting loyalties, betrayals, re-organising energies, fight back and rediscovering one self.

What else, I could have asked for in one life time? Thanks God.

And no wonder that is why within an hour of start of new decade, I decided to pen my thoughts.

Beginning of the decade was important for 2 reasons – one for choosing advertising and media as career and second for deciding my future as an entrepreneur. But second seems to have more importance to me, as that made me overcome my survival fears and made me independent. Now I wonder that why capable people live in their fears and are never being able to give up their comforts and securities and claim best from their lives? I guess “fear of loosing, what they have; keeps them at bay.”

Decreasing values and flag bearers
Writing about this decade’s also can not be completed, if I do not write – on one hand – about people’s greed and ability to wear different masks but on the other hand – about people with pure soul, simplicity and high integrity. I feel lucky to have more of later ones in my life. It make life very simple to live, if one is not corrupt in his mind and soul.

We are family
And last but not the least – this decade also bonded my family (me, my wife and 2 kids) for forever in an unbreakable bond. Love you guys.

Internet and Facebook

This decade also brought technological change in everyone’s life due to internet. Facebook reconnected the people who were lost in blind race of life and established a dialogue between the distant friend and relatives. I feel this going to be face of modern society of new era.

Loss of father
The decade ended with biggest upheaval of this decade was loss of my father. His memory is never going to fade away and after 7 months, I can say I have never been so close to my Pa, as close I am today to him.

Sanjeev Singhai: 31/12/2010.


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