Customer Service of Panasonic – Nightmare

By Sanjeev Singhai

Customer Service of Panasonic offers me nightmare experience. Last week I took the wrong decision of changing my loyalties from Croma to eZone and now I am regretting. I bought a Panasonic 47″ LED TV. Last 24 hours I was too busy and with a sleepless night and being busy without work. I mean, I have to stall my valuable office time to follow up with Panasonic India, eZone, Future Group for getting a TV installed at my home. Had a nightmare time following up with eZone staff and tolerating their foolish approach and behavior. Appear that my complaint will only be getting resolved when I got in series of tweets with Managing Director of Panasonic India Mr. Manish Sharma, but I am not yet sure if that can help me get my TV installed today.

Here is recent mail which I wrote to Future Group Customer Care:

—————– ————————————–

Invoice Number: 90259678

Panasonic LED TV courtesy
Panasonic LED TV courtesy

Order Number: 2105013204

Series of false promises:

1) Salesman Ali sales me TV promising delivery and installation of TV on Sunday 1st September. He notes in a personal pocket diary my mobile number to ensure the installation. Never act upon and forgets me after selling TV.

2) We wait a full day on Sunday for installation person and waste our time.

3) On Monday we contact the store. Jayesh promises that under all condition installation will happen on Monday.

4) Tuesday Jayesh is not available in store. A new person who attends the call and tells us to follow with Panasonic and that he will also tell Panasonic Team.

5) Wednesday Puran and Avinash both promises that anyhow installation will be done today. I try reaching Gurjeet, he never picks call on his mobile and bothered to return the call.

6) Wednesday I also send mail to your Customer Care ID but no response.

7) But apparently, they were buying time and send a bracket which was too small.

8) I leave the office early at 5 pm to attend your staff, the moment I see the bracket I tell them this is not meant for this TV. I show them that manual and size of the bracket and how it is fitted. They insist that TV hangs on one screw.

9) Finally, at 8:30 pm Wednesday Panasonic installation boy comes and says this is not the right bracket and your staff agrees that this is not right bracket.

10) Meanwhile, Jayesh promised that he is personally carrying another bracket and on way to my home. Only to realise around 10:30 night that he can’t arrange bracket.

11) Meanwhile, your staff at home and Avinash store staff kept promising that installation will be done today.

12) Finally, everyone disappears and also refuses to take back the TV.

13) Wednesday morning I again try Gurjeet number which he never attends. Frustrated with non-response I send him a strong SMS message telling to file a Police complaint. Which is replied but no action was taken till afternoon.

14) Finally, I contact Manish Sharma and the ball starts rolling

But now it’s almost 24 hours I have been made to slog, shout, plead and beg for installation stalling all my work. You guys have made a joke of me and customer and customer service. How many 48 hours deadlines for installation? Why you sold me TV if you never had a right bracket for mounting.

I will never buy in my life a product from eZone. Your service sucks and staff fool around with customer.

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  2. Future Group Care

    Dear Mr. Sanjeev,
    This is Priya from Future Group. We have already taken a note of this issue and have escalated it to the concerned team. They will get in touch with you soon. We request your patience and co-operation in the interim.

    Future Group Care

    1. Sanjeev Singhai

      Dear Priya,
      Thanks for waking up. For last 5 days I have been keeping patience and cooperating with repetitive lies and false promises of your company and staff. Hope today my TV will get installed and I am not being further harassed by your company or Panasonic by adopting more legal tactics to fulfil unlawful intention and ulterior motives of be fooling customers and selling TVs.


    Sir, This is the case of almost all the big brands. They care a damn of their customer once their product is sold. For them customer means CUST-(Se) – MAR .( Die in pain). I bought a LG fridge long ago(around 8 yrs back), recently its Handle of door is broken. I contacted the service center and they responded that I should change the fridge since this model is very old and its handle(spare Parts) is not available. somehow I am not able to convince myself that why should I sell my fridge when it is working perfectly and its manufacturer is not having its small part(handle)? I am unable to understand that whether this advice can be classified as wise or Foolish? One weird question came into my mind that all these products should also have expiry date in the same place where its model no and mfg date is written as it is in all the medicines. Since manufacturer does not guarantee the availability of its spare parts.


    1. Sanjeev Singhai

      The problem is in attitude of employees and behaviour training which are given to staff by corporat like Future Group. Skill training a are given but not behavioural training and moral values never taught neither n school nor while in Job. Indian corporates are replica of society and hence in such situation employee like o ditch and lie.
      Expiry date of Service is good idea. I think companies must take that up?

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