Consumer Insight in Web Advertising

Since I wrote a blog titled “Dishonest Advertising?” something is constantly nibbling in my mind. I strongly feel that the approach of producing brand promotion content meant for Web needs to be different than the method of producing TV advertisements. And Consumer Insight in web advertising should be used differently than TV. Web AdvertisingA 3 or 4 minute TV like thematic advertisement on the web may fall short or be a complete waste. Doing so may deliver you the Views but may not translate in terms of enough brand recall.

TV and Web as mediums work very differently. While TV is an Interruption based medium, Web is Pull based medium. But the web has an advantage over TV and can also be used as an interruption-based medium using YouTube and Facebook video advertising tools. Unlike TV on the internet, different types of videos, advertisements can be targeted to different consumer segments. And of course, the web’s ability to engage consumers is unbeatable.

As per Nielsen’s study, recently 30% of USD 5 Billion media spent in India goes to waste if we think this rationally than there can be only two reasons of so – (a) wrong consumer insight (b) mediocre creative using the right consumer insight.

I have shortlisted below a few most viewed advertisement of the web. Would I like you to watch such ads? The entertainment quotient is high in all these ads. But can you notice the difference in Consumer Insight, it’s a correlation to Creative Idea and Brand Recall? Your comments will be highly appreciated.

1. Jad Se Juden for L’Oreal Paris got 32.85 lac views:

2. Dhool Tukker for GSK’s Boost got 5.14 lac views:

3. Per Bande Achchhe Hai for ICICI Prudential got 0.96 lac views:

4. Cornetto Cupidity for HUL got 6.70 lac views:

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