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How to prepare an effective sales pitch

Today a newly joined sales guy in our team came to me with his introduction email, which he intends to send to his clients as an initial sales pitch. And I ended up advising him below on “how to prepare an effective sales pitch” on a piece of paper. On completing conversation, I realised that this information could be beneficial for a young salesperson, so I thought of putting on this blog too.

First step to Entrepreneurship

I was on a short vacation last week to attend a family wedding. On my return, I came to know that one of my well-known contacts decided to quit his job as CEO. I immediately called him only to pleasantly get surprised that he was thinking about contacting me and was looking forward to meeting me. Of course, he was warmly responded by me, and I started looking forward to our meeting. Being an employee turned in to an Entrepreneur, I realise that such decisions are never easy. More so ever, to leave a CEO level secured and big paying …

How I became an Entrepreneur?

How I became an Entrepreneur – a story of a 13-years child.

My mother always liked to make her morning tea with fresh milk. And as a child, I had taken most of her this habit. I still remember when, as a school going 13-year-old kid living in Jabalpur city, 365 days of the year, my day would start at 6:30 am (except for the days I fell sick or pretend to be sick). A Milk Dairy, which was 3 km away, was used to close at 7 am. Therefore every day, I was made to get up at 6:30 am to go and get fresh buffalo milk for Mom’s morning tea. So I will take my 24-inch bicycle on which my legs will desperately try to reach out for pedals and be on the task each morning.

It was not that we could not get milk delivered at home early, or my mother was trying to make a saving on milk expenses. On the other hand, this was the most inconvenient way of getting milk and also per litter price paid for milk was a bit higher as it was pure milk. (more…)

A foot in the door

I have noticed that many of the people when asked to tell their success story, tell, what all good things they did in life to pave their way to the success. I also noticed that most of them while telling their success story are in the self-appreciation mode, discarding the other factors which played an important role in their success. Forgetting how many times their ex-boss offered them a new job or they were struggling to find a new job and somehow an opportunity which came their way changed the course of their career and life. Nothing much happened with …

Types of Clients

In my 26 years long sales career, meeting people has always been way of life for me. But one doesn’t remember most of the people one meets. Only few are remembered once they are gone. I met one such person whom I am not going to forget for quite a while. He is surely was one of the unique client I have met so far. And meeting him forced me to prepare my list of “Types of Client,” so here it goes: 1. Mr. Cold: These types of clients some how agree to meet you, but when you meet them …

Manage yourself better and be successful

By Sanjeev Singhai. Manage yourself better and be successful: Recently I was talking to one of my friend who owns a midsize business. He is a first generation of entrepreneur, who after working for almost 15 years turned towards own business. And in last 10 years he has not only been able to earn good money but the best part is that he has established a sound reputation in the industry. As we were talking,  I began staking my thoughts on what made him to be counted amongst successful people. I guess to be successful, it’s about managing our own …