What Makes Someone Successful

Success Traits

What makes someone successful

Last four days I have been quizzing myself on one question – what makes someone successful – their knowledge & experience or their beliefs and behaviours? Why some people who have skills fail to achieve? Why some people don’t have drive?

I personally feel that all successful people usually have very high self drive which separates them from masses and this one single quality of their personality makes them achieve their goals. […]

Know Yourself Better

“Knowing yourself is the hardest thing in the world because nobody lies to you about you more than you do. So if you want to do well, know yourself better”.

I posted the above status on my Social Media profiles today morning and than kept on wondering that this is not complete and need more explanation. Hence came back to make the above statement more meaningful for readers. And may be help readers with step by step solution of knowing yourself better.

In my experience knowing ownself is the biggest challenge people face and usually most of us are in denial mode about ourselves. People gauge themselves wrongly and mostly feel that they are more capable of than what actually they are. They blame other factors for their failures without realising that they failed due to own short comings. Or at times people underestimate themselves and think that they can’t do certain jobs, where in they possess skills to do the same job. This at times happens due to our own fears.Capture

Many a time we find ourselves in a situation and we have no other choice but than overcoming the situation and we fight hard only to realise some of our hidden skills but till that time those skills remain deeply hidden within us. That means opportunity/ situation unearths our hidden skills to emerge as winner. […]

How to prepare an effective sales pitch

Today a newly joined sales guy in our team came to me with his introduction email which he intend to send to his clients as initial sales pitch. And I ended up advising him below on “how to prepare an effective sales pitch” on a peice of paper. On completing conversation I realised that this information can be very useful for young sales person so thought of putting on this blog too.


First step to Entrepreneurship

I was on a short vacation last week to attend a family wedding. On my return, I came to know that one of my well known contact decided to quit from his job of CEO. I immediately called him only to pleasantly get surprised that he was thinking about contacting me and was looking forward to meet me. Of course he was warmly responded by me and I started looking forward for our meeting.

Being employee turned in to an Entrepreneur, I realise that such decisions are never easy. More so ever, to leave a CEO level secured and fat paying job of top Indian company and calling a quit, has its own challenges, hence I was very keen to know about his plans and to find out, if I can assist him in any ways.  […]

How I became an Entrepreneur..

How I became an Entrepreneur….: A story of 13 year child.

My mother always liked to make her morning tea with fresh milk. And as a child I had taken most of her this habit. I still remember when as a school going 13 year old kid living in Jabalpur city, 365 days of the year my day would start at 6:30 am (except for the days I fell sick or pretend to be sick). A Milk Dairy which was 3 km away was used to close at 7 am, therefore everyday I was made to get up at 6:30 am to go and get fresh buffalo milk for Mom’s morning tea. So I will take my 24 inch bicycle on which my legs will desperately try to reach out for pedals and be on the task each morning.

It was not that we could not get milk delivered at home early or my mother was trying to make a saving on milk expense. On the other hand this was most inconvenient way of getting milk and also per litter price paid for milk was bit higher as it was pure milk. […]

A foot in the door

I have noticed that many of the people when asked to tell their success story tells, what all good things they did in life to pave their way to the success. I also noticed that most of them while telling their success story are in self appreciation mode, discarding the other factors which played important role in their success. Forgetting how many times their ex-boss offered them a new job or they were struggling to find a new job and some how an opportunity which came their way, changed the course of their career and life.

Nothing such happened with me during 29 years of career of mine. I learnt that more than anything, one’s destiny drives to success, if one is able keep his grammar right.

Grammar right? Yes, grammar right… that means if you keep working hard & honestly, keep yourself on a learning curve by acquiring new skills and are able to keep your foot in the door at the right time. […]