Advantages of Sickness and Niche Marketing

By Sanjeev Singhai.

“Advantages of Sickness” has been most read blog post among all the posts of mine so far and that still being read everyday. That made me curious and instigated to investigate.

I found it hard to understand and could not get to root that why this particular post is most read? But ultimately like for all other things we Google, I though let me try. I searched on Google “Advantages of Sickness” and boom, I gets the answer of my question. My blog post appears on number two of search results. Wow.

Encouraged with that I narrowed my search from 3 words to 2 word – “advantages sickness.” Again, boom. But this time my blog was on number 1 position of search results. […]

Comparative Advertising

In the world of up man’ship, every company is trying to put forward their point to possible consumers and wanting to prove their next competition wrong. This urge and want is so strong that such companies/ marketers do not hesitate in producing comparative advertisements to prove their point.I came across one such print advertisement in today’s Times of India, Mumbai edition. This half page advertisement is being relased by Raj Travels.

Raj Travels has shown a table of comparison where in they have compared their Foreign Packaged Tours v/c competition which is Cox&Kings, Thomos Cook, SOTC and Other on more than 50 points. […]

Open Questions for The Economic Times

In recent past, I have noticed that BCCL Group (The Economics Times, The Times of India and Times Now) very aggressively brought out and followed the news stories in the interest of COMMON MAN. And no doubt they are doing excellent job in exposing corruption, irregularities and manipulations.

But while they talk about such things, are they RIGHTLY treating their own readers/ consumer or they themselves are involved in manipulating? I have few open questions for BCCL management:

1. Why they sale their readers newspapers in different mast heads – The Economic Times, The Economic Times on Saturday or The Economic Times on Sunday? […]