Does Your Customer Trust Your Advertising

By Sanjeev Singhai.. Article published in Over the years advertising has been entrusted with many roles, from I need to be seen or build awareness to building brands. Advertising creates perceptions about a product (brand) and creates awareness but is that what you and me want after spending crores of rupees in advertising? Or […]

How to make your website work for you

We always had a business and we always thought that website is a great way of promoting our business. And we treated websites exactly the same way we would have released a newspaper advertisement. Companies use their website as display window, where in they try their level best to show case their products and services to their prospective customers or clients. But question remains how to make your website work for you?

How wrong those people are, who still feel that this is the correct way of show casing their products/ services on a website and hope that visitors of their website will get attracted to product and services displayed on website and buy them? Truth is that most of the people who will ever visit such website will have the lowest recall and chances are, that visitors will never return on such website or buy your service/ product, as such website don’t offer any value. Visit the most successful business website on Internet and you will realize why they are successful. […]

Way forward in Social Media

Way forward in Social Media? It’s a million dollar question which most of the marketers are facing in the country like India. Only 7% of population has access to Internet and broadband penetration is 4% (as per Jan 2011 DHI Report) . Whenever I speak to marketers on this topic, the first answer I get from most of them is that internet users are only handful and they are from SEC-A (LSM-A for international readers) segment and hence not useful for them.

No wonder most of the CPG and OTC manufacturers, yet not have a well drafted game plan for their brands in Social Media and not have firmed up strategies to reach consumers in digital age. It’s “chicken and egg” situation for them, whether they should wait to build the number or start putting their money right away. […]

Fifteen Small Business Lessons

By Sanjeev Singhai.

I stumbled upon a web page today, which I found interesting for me. Sharing with you all.

One of the article which attracted me was below. For further reading link is attached.
Richard Branson on Social Media:

For businesses, social media offers both challenges and opportunities, Richard Branson said. For example, an unhappy Virgin passenger might use the megaphone of a social media platform to complain, when a push of an onboard call button would resolve the issue, Branson said. But at the same time, social channels can help your customers find one another and allow them a change to interact, which makes an onboard community on an airplane, for example, a “smaller, warmer, friendlier” place. […]