Brand for Consumer or Product for Shopper

Whats the difference in “Brand for Consumer or Product for Shopper?” I guess in a second thought you all will find the difference. Today I am playing the devil’s advocate role and challenging the current advertising practices and will talk only one side of it, ignoring the goodness of advertising. Consumers and market place has completely changed in last few years but advertising agency’s and brand manager’s passion for building a brand continues and product yet remains on the back seat. Advertising agency’s love for Brands is not hidden but best is that many of the marketers too fall in love with brands loosing sight of the product. Whom to blame for? Answer is, none. “Brand for Consumers” status allows advertising agencies to operate in the world of creativity, win awards, charge client a bomb in the name of creativity and yet not being accountable for sales of the advertised products. […]

Customer Service of Panasonic – Nightmare

By Sanjeev Singhai

Customer Service of Panasonic offers me nightmare experience. Last week I took wrong decision of changing my loyalties from Croma to eZone and now I am regretting. I bought a Panasonic 47″ LED TV. Last 24 hours I was too busy and with a sleepless night and being busy without work. I mean, I have to stall my valuable office time to follow up with Panasonic India, eZone, Future Group for getting a TV installed at my home. Had a nightmare time following up with eZone staff and tolerating their foolish approach and behavior. Appear that my complaint will only be getting resolved when I got in series of tweets with Managing Director of Panasonic India Mr. Manish Sharma, but I am not yet sure if that can help me get my TV installed today.

Here is recent mail which I wrote to Future Group Customer Care: […]

Female Shoppers Online Recommendation works as Testimonial

By Sanjeev Singhai, the leading website dedicated to Unbiased Reviews and Ratings of newly launched grocery products and a MRSI member recently conducted a online survey to analyze female shoppers online recommendation behavior on newly launched grocery products. 515 female shopper of India participated in the survey.

Products if found better than existing ones

When asked that will they recommend new products to their friends and family if they find new products better than their existing ones. Most female shoppers said yes. […]

AC Tractor is it a good product idea

By Sanjeev Singhai

AC Tractor – is it a good product idea?: Last week while reading the Economic Times (ET) a news attracted my attention. News was about the launch of Heavy Duty AC Tractors by Sonalika. By spending some time on Google search, I found that market leader Mahindra too manufactures Air-conditioned tractor and exports them in the markets like United States and Tunisia etc; but they have yet not offered them in India.Sonalika

Tractors are used in agriculture/ farming and also other field work too. So there can be two main classifications in Tractor prodcut category Farming and Non-Farming. While seeing product offerings of tractor manufacturers its obvious that even tractor manufactures don’t see much potential of Air Conditioned or AC tractors are focusing on other product offerings. […]