Brand’s confusion on Social Media Strategy

Recently I met a CEO of a new company and who is about to launch new products in market. He was confused between Digital Media Strategy and Social Media Strategy? I started pondering that why brands are confused on Social Media StrateDIgital Social Media Strategygy?

Social Media is part of every brand annual plan, but how? Why some social media platforms are popular while others are not? How brand can use them to engage consumers or do business? What’s best Social Media Strategy for brands? These are some of the questions in front of Brand Managers.


Case Study Customer Service

On 7th & 8th November 2014, I tried calling customer service helpline number of MakeMyTrip to check on a Hotel booking. Both time after waiting for almost 20-25 in Q, I hanged up the call. On 8th I wrote an email to them specifying my query. Within second I got AutoResponse. But Customer Care Executive response came after 42 hours seeking some more details about my payments etc.

In response to above MakeMyTrip emaimakemytrip big imagel, I wrote two emails today to Hotel Customer Service. Both emails were bounced for the reason “The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.” Now as a customer I have following to choice to conclude about the Customer Service of MakeyMyTrip: […]

Stupid Media Planning or Advertiser’s Ego

When you see 5 Full Page advertisements of one advertiser in one day in costliest newspaper of the country, what do you call it? I call it “Stupid Media Planning or Advertiser’s Ego.” In today’s Times of India Mumbai edition there are 5 Full Page advertisements of Indya Estates, a real estate developer launching new project at Bangalore targeting housing for middle income group. Their advertising agency is Six Inches. […]

Dishonest Advertising

On last Sunday within few hours I noticed that on my Facebook Wall a particular post was shared by my three different FB friends and I got glued to the caption of it which said: “THE COMMERCIAL THAT’s GOING TO WIN ALL THE AWARDS.” It struck me on face, as it came across as “Dishonest Advertising” to me. I curiously clicked the link which took me to a blog “The Ad Woman.” The 6 lines blog post talks about a 4 minute+ Video/ TV commercial created for Fortune Oil (an Adani Wilmer product) by Piyush Pandey.


With the aggressive web promotion of the video Advani Wilmer is able to create more than 8.6 lac views within 7 days of release of this video on YouTube. However, the blog title “The Commercial That’s going to Win All the Awards” raising few questions in my mind: […]

New Food Product Development

Indian food culture has always been a mystery for most of the global food giants and they have been trying to decode it for decades. No wonder they often fail when it comes to New Food Product development and hence most of the food companies yet has minor presence in India. Every food company came to India with their legacy of westernized food culture and most of them miserably failed. The key reason they don’t understand Indian food habits and Indian taste buds. I only rate Mc Donald’s as successful as they entered Indian Market with a very clear thought process and realising that they can’t survive in India without Vegetarian Menu. So they invented two unique products for India – Mc Alloo Tikki and Mc Veggi Burger, two products which are great success in Indian market and yet wait to be included in McD’s global product offerings.

But my today’s blog is resultant of recently launched product by Pizza Hut. To expand their menu Pizza Hut came of with new product idea – Birizza which is being made available in 3 variants – Veggie, Paneer and […]

Negative Impact of Celebrity Endorsement

By: Sanjeev Singhai

Negative impact of celebrity endorsement is always a subject which is denied by advertising agencies. No wonder in spite of such negative impact of celebrity association with brand they try selling the goodness of celebrity to save skin and convince brands to keep using the celebrity. Some time back I came across one such print advertisement. I immediately took the photo of the advertisement thinking it to cover this aspect in one of my blog post. […]