McDonald’s India: Burgered! Really?

McDonald’s India: Burgered! Can McDonald’s come out of the present crisis without its image getting deeply fried? Above is today’s Brand Equity lead story on the recent ongoing crisis of McDonald India business. Rajiv Singh written Article seems to be an immature comment on the situation. Appears writer is completely misplaced with his thought process […]

Should I remain in Niche Business

Should I remain in Niche Business? I was asked this question recently.

This is classic question each company which operates in a niche faces. I have been owning a business last 8 years which operates in a niche field of TV Advertising and I have faced this question thousands time myself. I guess answer of this question is in finding the advantages of operating in a Niche Confusionniche and disadvantages of getting in mainstream.

Biggest advantage of being in Niche is that one have no competition and hence one can command price. This delivers higher profit margin and unique identity with less work. You become specialist of what you do. […]

When the advertising creative didn’t worked

Recently I was asked on Quora a question which was actually on “When the advertising creative didn’t worked?” Question was as following:

What are the classic examples when the marketing employed was creative but didn’t convey the right value to consumers resulting the product failure? I’m trying to prove that just being creative in marketing doesn’t help. Understanding the market and STP also counts

Sharing my answer below:

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Yes, creative idea alone can never ensure success of the product. History is filled with such examples of very popular advertisement of their times which failed to drive enough sales for the best of the companies or brands. Great Ogilvy wrote a book which has hundreds of such examples. […]

Consumer Insight in Web Advertising

Since I wrote blog titled “Dishonest Advertising?” something is constantly nibbling in my mind. I strongly feel that approach of producing brand promotion content meant for Web needs to be different than the approach of producing TV advertisements. And Consumer Insight in web advertising should be used differently than TV. Web AdvertisingA 3 or 4 minute TV like thematic advertisement on web may fall short or be a complete waste. Doing so may deliver you the Views but may not translate in terms of enough  brand recall. […]

Good Marketing Strategies for an NGO

Last week someone asked me on that “What are some good marketing strategies for an NGO working in India?” Usually when a question is asked I answer promptly but this question sent me in my thinking cap. Below was my response to the person whom I asked the question. But than I thought why not to post it on my blog too.

Marketing Strategy for a NGOs is no different than any other product or brand and follows similar steps. So here we go….
First and foremost you should be clear that what’s the purpose behind the existence of your NGO. Try defining it in one sentence. Include core values for which your NGO stand for and how you are going to make difference in society or current situation with your efforts. Remember that your purpose need to have positiveness and hope in it. […]