Advantages Sickness

Ah… I am sick of being sick of this flu and tired of remaining in bed for last 3 days.But what to do with my awake mind, which is not accepting the lethargy, anxiety and sleeplessness? And that’s what, brought me to scribble on this page, which is fast catching up as my favorite destination and becoming my natural vent.But what I face here is, a dead lock of being not able to move forward my thinking to write this blog. So what to do? Let me try penning down few ADVANTAGES of SICKNESS.
  1. My body is getting much needed rest.
  2. I am getting extra attention (which is never less in normal course too) and I feel pampered. […]

Expressing oneself and interactivity

One of the keen follower of my blog – my daughter came to me first thing in the morning today, complaining that why my last blog, ended abruptly and that she wanted to read more. My apologies to all those readers, who were disappointed with the quality of my last blog. In fact, even I was wanting to write more but decided to close where it is for 2 basis reasons:1. That I was drafting the blog in flight and I have to close the PC as I was reaching destination. Also I have decided that I must post a blog yesterday without fail – so I had no other choice but than publish the draft.2. I tried hard to write more but I could not get the thread (or connecting thought) to continue writing.

So, no disappointments. You guys will keep getting to read my blog and the purpose of blogging for me, is to learn how to arrange my thoughts and convert them into an expression. I am learning and you guys will be my partners on my learning process. […]


I find myself being fortunate to having witnessed three biggest changes of the 19th century – television, telephone and Internet.
I still remember in the good old days of 70’s and 80’s I was used to writing letters and sending through post. I use to exchange letters with my closes friend and relatives frequently. Every day waiting for the Postman was part of life and when he had no letters for me, I would say ‘Oh no letters today.”
Mid 80’s, television came into India with Asian Games and it started changing the social structure of the country. The change happened so quietly that no one realized that when we started drifting away from cohesively bonded society to individuality. […]

Obituary: Atul Maheshwari

Untimely demise of Atulji (as he was popularly known) came as a great shock and I am yet not being able to recover from the shock, even though almost 24 hours has lapsed. In my brief stint of working with Amar Ujala as GM – Marketing, I got opportunity to be close to Atul Maheshwari, a man with gentle voice and who always wore a soft  smile on his face (and of course who loved his smoking) . I knew him as a cool operator, who knew how to handle different people in complex culture of newspaper industry and manage people. Surely it is a great loss for Amar Ujala family and Amar Ujala will never be the same without him and his presence would be felt forever. […]

Premium Cosmetics and Retail Prices

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Yesterday my wife decided to spend lavishly on few cosmetics and that took us to leading retail store – West Side in Infinity Mall, Mumbai. Of course she bought what she wanted, retail chain gave bill and I paid.

But the real surprise came to me this morning while having my morning tea when my wife started reviewing her previous day purchase and out of curiosity, I asked her to show what she bought. I just wanted to check why these products are so expensive.

Apparently this company (Revelon) is selling imported products which are packed in various factories in India. We bought 3 products and below are details: […]