How to increase C Drive Space

A solution to your question “how to increase C Drive Space” is very simple. Though now it appears to be simple to me after 9 hours of extensive research on Google. Problem you face is that you want space back in your C drive from other drives like D or E or any other name to back on C drive. Here is step by step process of increasing C Drive Space: […]

2014 Elections India

Finally biggest Dance of Democracy – 2014 Elections of India are over and results are awaited. Excited with Poll Surveys and anticipated response, BJP and it’s leaders are busy in thumping their chests and readying for formation of new Government. People who are anticipating loss are sulking and Rahul Gandhi has said to be out of country, apparently overcoming election stress.

But I am not writing because of all the above reasons. I thought of this blog because this 2014 Election of India is historic in many sense. First time we saw unprecedented voting, first time during election Election Commission seized over Rs. 200 crores (2 billion) unaccounted cash. First time we saw tall poll promises like cheaper petrol, 24 hours electricity or water to every home being made through the blitz of advertising. First time we witnessed that how media frenzy can create or influence sentiment of electoral – rise of BJP and Modi, rise and fall of AAP because of Bhagoda stories which Media kept showing? […]

Arnab Goswami Out of Desperation and Need

“Arnab Goswami – Out of Desperation and Need” was the original title of article of mine which was published by today with edited title:

Frankly Speaking: Out of Desperation and Need

This elections will be remembered for offensive BJP and its PM nominee candidate Narendra Modi, lavish elections spending, Arvind Kejriwal and his party – AAP, non-committal and scattered Congress and Role of Media. Media role during the poll campaign was questioned not only by politician but many voters like me also felt that news channels has made their preferences and are involved in biased reporting. Even reputed news channel Times now came in questioning for reporting of Arvind Kejriwal’s Mumbai visit and incident which took place on CST. Than Arnabindex1 disappeared for few days from Times Now and came back with bit of rethinking and more balanced reporting.

So with this background when yesterday I was invited to write a “Comment Piece on Arnab’s Interview with Narendra Modi” I spontaneously agreed and sent my willingness to write this article. […]

Telegram service closure – just a formal announcement

By Sanjeev Singhai.

As I woke up and picked the newspaper on 14th June, the news which drew my attention was about the announcement of shutting down of 165 years old Telegram Services. Like everyone post liberalisation of economy, I have not sent any telegram to anyone in last 22-24 years. But this news surly took me to the memory lane.

In good old days telegrams were the most premium and fasted mode of communication and service was used for all urgent and important message deliveries. One will Q up in Telegraph Office to send the telegram. The booking Clerk will count number of words and charge you on based on numbers of words. So one will put in to make their Telegram shorter and crisp in messaging. […]

Quality of Life

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Ufff…. tired… Feeling this, I was half lying on comfortable sofa of American Express Lounge at beautiful T3 Terminal of Delhi Airport yesterday evening. And to get rid of full day tiredness, I was enjoying my favorite beer pint. This is when, I saw a gentleman walking in a black suit. He walked straight to a corner table, kept his handbag and headed towards the buffet table to grab something for his eating. After filling his plate he turned back towards his seat and This is when I noticed that he was 70+ years old Mr. __ __ __ (forget it, name is not important here). But yes what is important is that he was one of the top 10 industrialist/ businessman of India.

What made me to write this blog was not the person whom I saw, but what I noticed? I noticed that he was too hungry. It was obvious that the Gentleman never had a chance to have his lunch and he was desperately looking for something to grab. […]

Mobile Operator Agnostic Smartphone of Amazon

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Mobile Operator Agnostic Smartphone of Amazon?: What one needs, when one wants to bring new product to market?

A good brand, sound reputation with consumers, infrastructure for customer care, excellent & flawless distribution system and a management which has vision and capability to aim, execute and deliver.

Amazon’s Kindle brand is perfect recipe for a smartphone which may soon rock the world and news of Amazon preparing to launch a mobile phone which also offers Amazon Content is heartening. I bought Kindle Dx almost 2 years back and I love it as its best value for money. […]