Tribute to Shaharyar

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Tribute to Shaharyar: Legendary Urdu poet and academician Prof Akhlaq Mohammed Khan ‘Shaharyar’ died on 13th Feb 2012 at his residence in Aligarh. Tributes.

जिन्दगी जैसी तमन्ना थी नहीं कुछ कम है
हर घडी होता है एहसास कहीं कुछ कम है

घर की तामीर तसवुर ही में हो सकती है
अपने नक्से के मुताबिक ये ज़मीं कुछ कम है

बेचारे लोगों से मुलाक़ात कभी फिर होगी
दिल में उम्मीद तो काफी है यकीन कुछ कम है […]

Sangharsho Me Bita Jeevan

By Sanjeev Singhai. जीवन का इतिहास यही है जीवन की अनबूझ राहों में, चलते-चलते यह बनजारा, गाता जाये गीत विरह के, जीवन का इतिहास यही है. यौवन की ऑंखों से देखे, वे सारे स्‍वप्निल सपने थे, जिन-जिन से नाता जोडा था, वे भी तो सारे अपने थे. सबके सब हरजाई निकले, जीवन का परिहास यही […]

Why Government of India is Resisting Draft of Jan Lokpal Draft

By Sanjeev Singhai. We all know that the Government of India and specially politicians are very nervous about about current agitation of Anna Hazare‘s India Against Corruption ( I too understand that corruption will not end with the introduction of proposed draft of the bill by the Civil Society.  But what it will certainly do is that, […]

Slow progress of School Rebuilding

By Sanjeev Singhai.

I committed myself to change the roof of a school situated in rural India, before rains strikes in 2011. But it appears my dream is not going to be fulfilled this year and I have to wait for some more time.

Rains are here and roof change job has yet not begun. Looks students will have to study under the old roof this season too. My heart sinks on the miseries which children and teachers has to go through, one more year. Dripping and falling roof and water filling in class rooms and students has to be shifted to small veranda. Ah… […]

Tablet Review iPad2 what you won’t get in it

After working for many years on computers and specially on Windows Operating System, switching to Apple MacBook Pro is quite a struggle. Its challenging if one is normal user like me and not an expert.

So while I bought the iPad2, I had previous experience of strict controlled regime of Apple and where while using your iPad2computer you are expected to keep selling of dollars every now and than. So here is the list of few key features which you won’t get in an IPad2.

1. Text Scroll: If you are used to of using arrow, page up and down key you are surly going to miss them with iPad. One struggle in scrolling while typing the text, reviewing typed material and reaching on specific text location is a text box. […]

Air India makes web ticket booking tougher

By Sanjeev Singhai.

You liked the Indian Airlines or Air India for low fares and convenient sector timing. And that always left you, we with no other choice but than to travel with national air carrier Indian Airlines, even though you never had a great liking for their crew and specially for aging air hostages and their attitude & grim faces. Now Air India, New Web Site makes web ticket booking tougher for you.

You can’t book a ticket for domestic travel for any passenger, if one does not have a valid Passport or a National ID Card. I wonder what national id card is being offered in India and how many people has it and when does it expire and how many domestic travelers has a passport? Not only that, you also must know the exact date of birth of each person for whom you want to book a ticket. […]