How to create interactive videos

With everyone having video camera now, video making has never been so simple. But how to create interactive videos remains the big question in front of most of content creators. I have tried penning down my thoughts on Video Making based on my experience of video production in last 8 years where in I got to work for top MNC brands of grocery store companies.Interactive Videos

First thing of interactive video making starts with identification of Audience your product and Competition. Understand your brand and that what will make it successful?

Secondly thing which one needs to decide that what’s the purpose of making of Interactive Video? Once you have identified the same, you need prepare the content of video, ideally not more than three minutes, best is under 2 minutes. […]

Doing Business in India

European Union’s European Regional Development Fund 2007-13 & Digital Greenwich of University of Greenwich conducted a Digital Accelerator Program for entrepreneurs of UK – “Doing Digital Business in India” on 4th Dec 2014 at Greenwich University Campus.


One Day Program had following highlights:

1) Digital in India: Current state of digital market in India and where it is heading. Insights on who your audience is, where you can find them and how to engage with them. […]

How to increase C Drive Space

A solution to your question “how to increase C Drive Space” is very simple. Though now it appears to be simple to me after 9 hours of extensive research on Google. Problem you face is that you want space back in your C drive from other drives like D or E or any other name to back on C drive. Here is step by step process of increasing C Drive Space: […]

Indian Marketers reluctance to new media

My job offers me opportunity to meet and interact with top brand managers of India everyday. But each time I get surprised with Indian marketers reluctance to new media. Post meeting, I am always left feeling their halfhearted willingness to experiment with emerging Digital Media and lack of their understanding about it. I do understand their challenges which they have in hand and which makes them keep focusing on traditional media like TV, radio or print. Very few brand managers of India focus their marketing efforts on consumer testimonials or word of mouth campaigns or thinks of Brand Advocacy model. Most of them opt for easy way out and focuses on TV and Print as media of communication when it comes to reaching out to consumers.

Timing of this year’s Elections is the best for the brand manager to learn about the power of Social Media. Two leading political parties used Social Media extensively to reach out to electorate and to voice their opinion and influence the voters – the product they are selling is DREAMS for BETTER LIFE.


Why to adopt future marketing techniques

Maintaining the status quo is most dear to human being and Brand Managers are no exception. And that’s the reason Brand custodians need to adopt future marketing techniques and be future ready in Digital Era and. When every thing is fine with the brand – you have your market share, people like your brand, you have enough advertising support and this is the time you as Brand Manager don’t want to divert your time and energy. If you think so, believe me, you may be absolutely wrong if you are not paying enough attention in terms of developing different digital properties around your brand in digital space

Here are the 7 reasons why you must consider start working on your digital strategy to be future ready in Digital Era: […]

Marketers hear your customers and respond

So far TV and Radio allowed marketers to reach to large population and that’s why it was main mode of communication for brands with it’s consumers. A complete generation of Marketers used these mediums to push advertising messages to consumers and make customers hear what marketer wanted to tell. But it appears that now “Push Advertising” has come to a point where consumers has started rejecting tall claims made in the advertising by the brands.
But now everything is gradually even changing in India too with communications satellites and Internet. My Satellite TV Dish offers me uninterrupted viewing of programs on most of HD channels. If I miss any of favorite show on TV, I can still watch it on YouTube and there too I can skip ads. […]