Last few days breezed through. With no time to think or to do anything else.Ah. . .  I am also wanting to say, I have been busy. Deep in work.Don’t we come across this phrase very often and I am too following the same. And that is the right reason for not being able to write on the blog. But as I am thinking and writing about this, I am changing my thoughts. The primary reason for not being able to post blog was not that I was busy and had no time to do anything else. The right reason was that I was Pre Occupied with lots of thoughts and could could not think of anything beyond the same. And that brought bit of break in my regular post.

It’s really very complex about HUMAN that how we feel and see various things happening around us. Each of us view differently and have different opinions.

Last week I had two visitors on two different days and that I met both of them, first time in life. The common thing about both was that, both kept referring about my blog during the meeting. They both wanted me to know that they have read my blog posts. This make me realise that how well people have started preparing themselves before a meeting and how internet has changed or made it easy for the people to peek in the inner self of the people.

I think everyone can have a view on this point. I choose to place myself in public domain and get scrutinized by everyone. I think this “blog writing” have started making impact on me and my life. Whether impact will be positive or good one for me, this only time will tell. Let’s see what’s in store of future.

So some of you may say what this particular blog post is about: guys understand, I was busy and pre-occupied and currently my thoughts are scattered. And I am unable to arrange them for you. So I will close my this post the way it is.



Sanjeev Singhai: 21/02/2011.

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