Brand’s confusion on Social Media Strategy

Recently I met the CEO of a new company and who is about to launch new products in the market. Was he confused between Digital Media Strategy and Social Media Strategy? I started pondering why brands are confused about Social Media StrateDIgital Social Media Strategygy?

Social Media is part of every brand annual plan, but how? Why some social media platforms are popular while others are not? How can a brand use them to engage consumers or do business? What’s the Best Social Media Strategy for brands? These are some of the questions in front of Brand Managers.

In the last five years of managing different social media platforms for, I realised that the basics of Social Media Strategy need to be of offering something tangible to consumers, and that’s when consumers respond best. We must recognise that real people are on Social Media, and they have human tendencies and habits. Best is that while living in society, people hide their conduct as per social norms but on social media, they can come out of shadows using fake IDs or be frank using their ID. Social media allows people to express and voice their opinions and how they feel.

When we started the Facebook India page of HomeTesterClub, we began with sharing posts around what HomeTesterClub is, what it does, how it works, and how it’s helpful for consumers, etc.? I noticed that it was proving like chest-thumping and was not leading us in any manner.

Soon with a lower number of likes and comments on our FB page, I realised that using Social Media Platforms as a traditional medium like TV or Newspapers will not help us beyond a point and we need to change our approach to engage consumers as well as our Social Media Strategy.

So I asked my team to start posting quotes, contests, how-to tips, and free sample offers. And bingo. Each of our posts started engaging consumers better, and we could see an immediate impact on consumer engagement on our Social Media Platforms. The conversation started happening, and people started liking our page too.

Brand’s Social Media Strategy needs to be built around people. I always say…”People like to deal with people and not machines.” A brand is a product or non-living thing and not a person. And hence no matter how hard one tries promoting a brand on Social Media, one will never succeed, but the moment you give a face to your brand it will come alive, and people will love to interact and deal with it. Social Media Strategy for a brand needs to around the people. Try identifying what your consumer wants and try addressing those needs. Probably if you are selling lipstick, it might be worth considering makeup, hair styling, nail policing, body care or dress styling in your social media strategy to offer consumers more free information and also more opportunity to engage with the brand. Social Media Strategy helps brands build a relationship with consumers, to be credible, to develop emotional connect with its users and nonusers, and to be caring towards consumers.

Often Brand Managers fail to understand that Digital Media Strategy is like planning a traditional media like TV or Newspapers and can’t be used as Social Media Strategy. Digital Media Strategy needs to be part of the media strategy. So in digital media strategy, you should decide where to spend money..?? Means, should you spend on Google Ad Word or Google Display Advertisements or Banners on Facebook or Affiliate Marketing Options, etc. Digital Media Strategy is to popularise brand, generate immediate inquiries, or drive trials.

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