“BRAND POWER” THRIVING IN DIGITAL ERA: A write up which I dug from old files of February 2007

Date: 27.02.07.

The media and telecom industries are moving at broadband speeds toward interactive, on-demand and personalized media experiences, enabling them to offer a wide range of ubiquitous communication and content services while consumers benefit from unprecedented media choices and control of their media consumption habits.

Now, the widespread adoption of IP voice and data services is enabling a new business paradigm: converged services, including voice, video and data offerings across multiple channels. Customer’s demand for IPTV, video on demand and other new services began to skyrocket, and it has enabled the telecom companies to enter the world of “triple play”—integrated telephone, television and broadband offerings. Role GPRS technology will also play a vital role in the future of media.

And the media side is under the same pressure. End users want their content anytime anywhere, whether through a set-top box, on their PCs, over their cell phones, on their video iPods…you name it.

For companies, digital convergence means increased collaboration across multiple industries and the creation of new business models to deliver revenue growth and respond to customer demands. In the face of growing competition, these new business models require companies to rapidly roll out new services or face extinction — to innovate or die.


Now the world has actually come to the edge of being a Global Village. BP_logo_MASTER_RGBFuture media business would be driven by broadband and GPRS/ Satellite technologies changing the scenario of In-Home and Out of Home media.

The ability to capitalize on new business opportunities around digital content and distribution is key to the future success of Brand Power in the digital era.

Past performance and acceptability of Brand Power in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa have made the company to believe that it has the right and necessary ingredients to take this further to new parts of the world like Canada, USA, UK, and South-East Asian countries.

Brand Endorsements of Brand Power would make companies to adopt it as selling and marketing tool for overtaking their competition, establishing brand recall, building brand equity/ for being more authenticated in their product offerings than their competitors.TV and IPTV even if continue to work in their current format (for distribution purpose) of reaching to masses. LCD Display Panels and LCD Kiosks or Large Size panel in future connected through GPRS or Satellites would offer a display of the same massages across the globe/ country/ large territory at one go, even in larger number than the present. The cost of displaying on such boards would come down drastically. Ability to display Video Images and Audio will increase its reach among the masses.

This will make Brand Power to be more relevant (than present status through TV/ Print/ Radio) as the customer can be reached out by various means, anywhere and anytime. Brand Power’s Global recognition will provide it the strength of being the most powerful brand endorsement and selling/ marketing tool for various product categories in the world from current FMCG category.

Today when I was reading this article again, I realised that I was not short in seeing the future and the difference Digital Age will create at our end. Today, Brand Power’s ability to capitalize on new business opportunities around digital content through with and New Product Watch IOS and Andriod mobile apps are key to the future success of Brand Power in the digital era.

By Sanjeev Singhai.

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