Books for Good Career

I see, most of the people hardly read, it’s not important for them? Why people keep themselves away from reading and do not realise how it can impact them? Why people hesitate in self-training?
Once in their profession/ job, most of the people stop the learning process. Reading is one thing, given up first and people consider that studied are over and there is nothing left for them to learn. Or they think, one can learn on job or from day to day life. And learning stops for such people.

I always took up this topic in the trainings sessions, which I (or was used to) conduct for my team. I always stressed on importance of reading. I always advised people to invest money on reading or buying books, magazine or reading whatever is matter of liking to individuals.
Books gives us, new basis to explore our thinking and reasons to experiment new ways, stretch our horizon of thinking or to excel in what and how we do it. I feel, trying to learn anything; on job or from others might take years/ or considerable time of ours. That means we loose precious time and opportunities which comes to us during that period, and because of our ignorance we might not take a note or full advantage of those opportunities.
In other words “Learning by Reading” is, letting breeze of fresh ideas get into one’s mind, which in turn will lead us to do better in our career. Need not to say better career means better life for self and our families.
It’s important that we learn and train ourselves continuously. No one has time to teach us and if we, our self can’t try, why others will waste their time to train/ teach a person who is not keen for learning. So as first step – get in to habit of reading what interests one and start training self.
Sanjeev Singhai:04/02/2011.


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