As I shifted my blog to own domain, all the web promotion which I did went waste. And I have to redo all the submissions with various search engines and websites, which can help me in increasing the traffic on this blog. Almost every search engine allows one to submit the website without any verification process but Technorati is different.

Technorati is the the biggest pool of blogs and which rates registered blogs, as per their performance continuously. More than 1.25 millions of blogs are registered on this site and each serious blogger registers their blog on Technorati. Blogs are rated and ranked by them. Not only this, they have a set process to register a blog on the website and after initial valuation of blog quality, approval for registration provided by Technorati team. Once that is being done, the blogger is offered a token which he/ she need to mention in one of the blog post to claim the blog registration on Technorati. And that’s why blog selection and quality is very important. (see digit mentioned at bottom of this post).

My old blog on Blogger was ranked 38,400 on Technorati, before it was pulled off. This post is to claim the token again at Technorati for new domain. I appreciate the process that Technorati have laid and follow to monitor blogger’s performance and blog quality. Hope my this new registration at Technorati, with support of readers and quality content will get popular and I will get good ranks.

By Sanjeev Singhai: 14/03/2011.

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