Finding your name as a user name on a social media website is always a challenge that’s why Blocking Your Name as Unique User Name is better. By the time you go to register your name as user name, the same is taken by someone else.

In the digital era when world has become a village, it’s difficult to keep your id unique. Therefore it is very important to protect uniqueness of our name, business name or Trade marks. With so many sites available, where you can promote yourself or your business, its important to use a common user id or name.

So if you seriously want to promote yourself or your business on the web, than hurry and block your user name on all possible website.

There are several website which allow you to check that where all your name is available. You may log on to to check availability of your name on the web. Therefore it is wise to register your user name on all the available websites, which you may think, you would like to promote yourself or your business in time to come.

I am doing the same today, you also do the same, as soon as possible before someone else steals your user name.

By Sanjeev Singhai

Experiences of Indian professional and expert, who's heart lives in rural India. Read his views on Career Personality Development, Business, Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Social Media and Life.

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