Kindle in India – A Pride Possession

9 months back, when I bought the Kindle Dx, it was a alien thing for India. But since than, thanks to media and launch of iPad, which brought Kindle in lime light in India.

With no free shipping available and for want of more than necessary accessories (cover and night light), I ended up paying a $815 (unbelievable amount of almost Rs. 37,000), but since I wanted to get back to long lost habit of reading and with no fuss of visiting a book shop every time when I have to buy a book, it appeared to me a good idea to invest in a Kindle. I can certainly say, I am recovering every penny I spent and enjoying my Kindle Dx thoroughly. […]

Premium Cosmetics and Retail Prices

By Sanjeev Singhai.

Yesterday my wife decided to spend lavishly on few cosmetics and that took us to leading retail store – West Side in Infinity Mall, Mumbai. Of course she bought what she wanted, retail chain gave bill and I paid.

But the real surprise came to me this morning while having my morning tea when my wife started reviewing her previous day purchase and out of curiosity, I asked her to show what she bought. I just wanted to check why these products are so expensive.

Apparently this company (Revelon) is selling imported products which are packed in various factories in India. We bought 3 products and below are details: […]

Open Questions for The Economic Times

In recent past, I have noticed that BCCL Group (The Economics Times, The Times of India and Times Now) very aggressively brought out and followed the news stories in the interest of COMMON MAN. And no doubt they are doing excellent job in exposing corruption, irregularities and manipulations.

But while they talk about such things, are they RIGHTLY treating their own readers/ consumer or they themselves are involved in manipulating? I have few open questions for BCCL management:

1. Why they sale their readers newspapers in different mast heads – The Economic Times, The Economic Times on Saturday or The Economic Times on Sunday? […]