I find myself being fortunate to having witnessed three biggest changes of the 19th century – television, telephone and Internet.
I still remember in the good old days of 70’s and 80’s I was used to writing letters and sending through post. I use to exchange letters with my closes friend and relatives frequently. Every day waiting for the Postman was part of life and when he had no letters for me, I would say ‘Oh no letters today.”
Mid 80’s, television came into India with Asian Games and it started changing the social structure of the country. The change happened so quietly that no one realized that when we started drifting away from cohesively bonded society to individuality. To me 80’s and 90’s was all about learning how to live for oneself and not for the society. India saw huge growth in nuclear family, adopting the westernized life style and decreasing family values.
Late 80’s another big change took place in terms of telephony in the country and where telephone became common man possession. Mobile phone further added to another social change, which took shape quietly. Mobile phone opened the whole world for everyone. Rural India got connected with urban India and an effect of this change is the end result as India emerging as Economic Power.
End of the century saw biggest change by the introduction of Internet. For me one single most important change, which Internet brought in our lives, is that it has REVIVED OUR APPETITE FOR INFORMATION.
So what is this Appetite for Information to a common man? I find that we have started seeking information from all sources available – be it Internet, books, television or even by consulting friends and relatives. We now have become habitual to Google around every small thing, which opens the whole new world of information for us. Global resources became handy for each one of us. In the olden day we use to struggle in seeking simple information – which does not exist any more.
We are now an informed and aware society.
Sanjeev Singhai: 21/01/2011.

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