Air India makes web ticket booking tougher

By Sanjeev Singhai.

You liked the Indian Airlines or Air India for low fares and convenient sector timing. And that always left you, we with no other choice but than to travel with national air carrier Indian Airlines, even though you never had a great liking for their crew and specially for aging air hostages and their attitude & grim faces. Now Air India, New Web Site makes web ticket booking tougher for you.

You can’t book a ticket for domestic travel for any passenger, if one does not have a valid Passport or a National ID Card. I wonder what national id card is being offered in India and how many people has it and when does it expire and how many domestic travelers has a passport? Not only that, you also must know the exact date of birth of each person for whom you want to book a ticket.

To book a ticket, I visited Air India website thrice, since their new website is being launched and every time, in spite of struggling for more than half an hour, I could not book the ticket due to various errors which website kept on showing. Each time frustrated with the experience and after wasting lot’s of time, I closed the Air India website and logged on to other travel portal. Of course the tickets were costlier both on and by almost Rs.1000 to Rs. 1200, but I could book withing 3 – 5 minutes.

Where in all the travel portals are focusing on easy and fast ticket booking process and claiming that you can book ticket in 2-3 minutes, Air India does just opposite of the same with their new website. Now booking tickets on Air India’ s website is tougher. So if you are in hurry to book a ticket, better opt for a travel portal. Air India (Indian Airlines) new website is cumber sum, difficult to operate.

I am unable to understand what makes Air India Officials to get such complicated air ticket booking website designed. Hope its not an effort to sabotage the traffic on the national carrier and officials want to kill passenger traffic completely on Air India or Indian Airlines. Otherwise why one would do that?


  1. Sanjeev

    And once, carrier of good time now getting famous due to bad times does it again. Our on time flight took off 50 minutes late. We missed our first meeting. But today seems to be tough day for us again on time return flight of 5 pm has yet not landed. No one at Delhi airport has clue of prpobable departue.

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