After writing first 2 blogs, its been a long gap. For 2 reasons – first, I was too busy and second that I didn’t knew what to write? So I decided to scribble aimlessly. Now I have to see how much I am able to scribble aimlessly? But I am quite sure this is going to be hard for me and at some point of time, I will drift to a specific topic.And here I am, as I was writing a thought clicked to my mind.

Isn’t it true that most of us start their lives aimlessly. We are never in control of what keeps happening around us. Mostly we flow with the events as they take place and keep aligning ourselves with them. And this is an honest answer – no matter how much we say “I did this” or “this how I tackled that problem”, truth remains that our behavior is reaction to occurrence/ circumstances.

Can Manmohan Singh or Obama say – that they will be head of state. Even if they say yes, they must have realised about their success when it was within their sight.

Or, can Bill Gates say when he started business in his Garage – he knew where he will end up?

But saying anyone’s life, aimless life would be most inappropriate, as that is the STRUGGLE of LIFE, which each of us goes through and try making best out of our lives.

It’s easy to judge the people and rank them as successful or not being able to make a mark in their lives, but is it right? To me that’s disrespect to their struggle of life. Respecting all human is important.

Sanjeev Singhai: 24/12/2010.

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