Advantages Sickness

Ah… I am sick of being sick of this flu and tired of remaining in bed for last 3 days.But what to do with my awake mind, which is not accepting the lethargy, anxiety and sleeplessness? And that’s what, brought me to scribble on this page, which is fast catching up as my favorite destination and becoming my natural vent.But what I face here is, a dead lock of being not able to move forward my thinking to write this blog. So what to do? Let me try penning down few ADVANTAGES of SICKNESS.
  1. My body is getting much needed rest.
  2. I am getting extra attention (which is never less in normal course too) and I feel pampered.
  3. It’s allowing me to gaze at roof and think unthinkable or impossible.
  4. As I am finding hard to keep work off from mind, may be my current state is allowing me to gather my thoughts on various way forwards.
  5. Its keeping me away from my evening drink and my wife is very happy with that.
  6. Allowing me to catch up with reading, when I feel little better.

So guys, I have made a start of making first list of its kind on Advantages of Sickness. Can readers of this blog, help me completing this list and add other advantages of sickness by way of your comments. Worth mentioning here that while I was writing this blog, I tried Google Search on “what are advantages of sickness” and results were disappointing and I could not find any worthy results in first 2 pages of search results. So, this list becomes more significant for all of us.

Many of you must be thinking why only advantages of sickness? So my answer is – its matter of seeing the glass half filled. So for me, remaining in right spirit and positive frame of mind will help me recover faster.

I know, soon I will be back on my feet and bounce back to face the life and what it has in it’s store for me.


Sanjeev Singhai: 25/01/2011.


  1. Noopur

    according to me there are many more advantages of falling sick..
    1. no one asks you to do any kind of work.
    2. nobody will ask you to wake up early morning.
    3. everybody calls you up regularly to check on your health status.
    and the list continues further…

  2. Sanjeev S

    Shirley, follower of this blog sent me her reaction on email, so I am putting her comments here.

    "It helps lose weight in a jiffy… so those who are plum, can get some consolation of getting bit slimmer :)".

  3. amit

    i think the most important advantage of sickness is that…

    u can spend more n more time tooo a person who serve u as possible as care to u and try too make u fit as soon as ,,and that is bhabhi ,,,,for whom your spending time with her is never enough for her at all……

    this is my first time commenting on blog so plz sorry if i had committed aa mistake sorry bhai luv u…..

  4. Rakesh Nigam

    Sir, I Think Following one could be the best advantage of Sickness is

    " You get time to talk to Yourself" whereas in general course of life, we never do that. Hope You would agree.

    The other advantages could be
    1) U get to know how much u r still important and being cared
    2) u also get time to think of beyong your profession and sometimes GOD
    3) U also realise in the time of sickness that how fragile we are that one small failure in our body and its internal system can derail the much hyped and pronounced systematick life in fraction of seconds. so other way it paves the way to think over that what we really want from our life?


    Rakesh Nigam

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